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Best Music to work out to

Updated on March 31, 2010

Music - The Exercise Motivator!

If you're planning on starting to work out, here's one big tip - Take music that will entertain you! Especially if you plan on running or doing any sort of cardio. So you like the slow stuff? Don't know what good work out music is? Don't worry, I'm here to create a list for you, and there will be more than enough music to get you through your workout, whether it be 1/2 hour long or 3 hours.

First Thing is First

Get an MP3 player to take with you on your workout. Any cheap one will do, but I recommend Microsoft's Zune over anything else, as well as some accessories that go along with it, such as an armband to hold it in, this will avoid problems with it falling out of your pocket.

Now that you have something to play the music, now you're ready to get the music!


Pretty much all of the music from Disturbed will get you plenty amped up for your workout, but here is a small list some of my favorites. Just remember, pretty much any song of theirs will do.

  • Criminal
  • The Curse
  • Divide
  • Haunted
  • Indestructible
  • Inside The Fire
  • 10,000 fists

Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin is my favorite band, who just so happen to have great songs to work out to. They get me past the cardio part of my workout, especially because their lyrics and guitar parts just fit right into the whole "Keep Going" theme. Feel free to check them out.

  • Breath
  • Crawl
  • The Diary of Jane
  • Fade Away
  • Give Me a Sign - Note: This song is slower, but it's a good song to run to
  • Hopeless
  • I Will Not Bow
  • Unknown Soldier
  • Until the End

Avenged Sevenfold

I'm not a huge fan of Avenged Sevenfold, but they do have some REALLY good music that gets you ready to not only work out, but probably kill someone. A lot of their songs are abnormally long, which is also good because it makes the time to go by very quick.

  • Afterlife
  • Almost Easy
  • Critical Acclaim
  • A Little Piece of Heaven
  • Scream


I like to mix up my music, and rap is included. I like Twista because of the up tempo beats. I'd recommend giving it a listen at the very least.

  • Art & Life (Chi-roc)
  • Creep Fast
  • Hope

30 Seconds to Mars

Chicks love 30 seconds to Mars. So listening to them is not only a great workout boost, but they'll love you for it. I have no idea why... They only have 3 or 4 good songs.

  • The Kill
  • Attack
  • Battle of One
  • A Beautiful Lie
  • From Yesterday

System of a Down

System of a Down is a no brainer. They are another band where mostly all of their songs are "workout-able." Here is just a few of them.

  • Chop Suey!
  • Aerials
  • BYOB
  • Hypnotize
  • Tentative
  • Dreaming


Another person who's music is more up-tempo. Some people may disagree, but I think Eminem's music is GREAT workout music.

  • 3 AM
  • Forever
  • 'Till I Collapse
  • When the Music Stops


I was recently introduced to Chevelle's music, so I'm a late bloomer. They have some really good songs to add to your workout music collection. I put in 2 videos only because Josh Koscheck appears in one. So you know it's good.

  • The Red
  • Jars
  • I get it
  • Letter From a Thief


This is another obvious one. And people will hate me because I like their newer stuff more than their old stuff, so I'm not even going to post the music, but you really can't go wrong either way, so make sure you add Metallica to your workout music collection.

Honorable Mentions

  • Fall Out Boy
  • Linkin Park
  • Godsmack
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Panic! At the Disco
  • Sick Puppies
  • Tenacious D
  • Tupac

This is probably the only place you'll see Tupac and Fall Out Boy on the same list for anything. So feel free to bash me to death.


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    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Nick! It looks as if it has been a few weeks since you wrote anything here. I was wondering why you weren't showing up in my daily newsletter! Miss you, write when you get time. Don't give up. It takes time!