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Best Non-Cheesy Christian Movies

Updated on July 2, 2015

Movies that are Christian based are highly valuable. It can influence many especially the non-believers. Though we shouldn’t rely solely on a movie to learn about Christ and our faith, it’s a growing entertainment that can reach many souls. And it’s a refresher for the Christians who are losing fire in their faith. The following is what I may say Non-cheesy ones. They will make you cry, yes but its message is straight to the point.

The Passion of the Christ

Probably the closest movie that interprets the real sacrifice of Jesus because it was shockingly gruesome. The movie enacted the last twelve hours of Jesus life. I wasn’t a Christian then when I watched it, and known Jesus on a shallow perspective but as I gazed his sufferings here, I cried.

The way they interpret the story in the Bible is outstanding, specially the piercing of nails and the bloody lashing on Jesus' back. It will make you read your bible and really reflect how Jesus sacrifices for us. Truly the making of this movie really is a masterpiece. Passion of the Christ is one of those forever included on the hall of fame.

And did you know there was someone who surrenders to authorities for the murder he committed after watching this movie? His name is Dan Leach II. He brilliantly schemed the murder of her girlfriend, Ashley Wilson that he made it look like a suicide. Dan Leach II may closely getaway with the authorities but it seems we can never get away with God.

God’s Not Dead

From the movie soundtrack to the every line of the actors, you’ll really be engaged to this movie. Added the fact that it is based on true story will make you go whoa. As Christians it will challenge you how long will you go for God.

The story is about a student named Josh Wheaton who stands up with his faith when his atheist Prof made an arrangement that they will easily pass his subject if they write these words: God is dead. The student of course being a Christian didn’t do so. So he begins the tasks of proving to anyone and to his ever opposing prof that God is not dead. The scenes where Josh was proving to anyone that God is not dead is made intensely. There are as well many interweaved stories in the movie that depict the real situation that believers and non-believers faced.

The Encounter

Meeting Jesus face to face. How was that for an experience? Five strangers where force to stay in a diner because of road closure. The diner’s waiter was Jesus. Thus make the story of this movie so appealing even to someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus. The setting was simple and the story as well. What make it non cheesy? It’s just simple and casual.The movie introduced Jesus as a simple man who is ready to answer our entire question and to serve the sumptuous food in his diner. No glorious light appear or heavenly hymns sung. You’ll see Jesus here with the genuine smile and normal attire. One funny moment there that I cannot forget is when Jesus is asked to prove that he is what he claims to be. Then Jesus showed his driver’s license to everyone, and his picture there… see it yourself!

Grace Unplugged

The story of a Christian teen ager who wants to have a break in her own music. Her father was a worship leader in their church. They were both in music ministry. The teen ager Grace Trey wanted to get out of the shadow of his father and do it on his own. Now the problem comes when his faith was put to test as she was exposed to the dirty game of fame. The movie title itself has a lot of meanings to reflect on. The problems set here are very timely. We sometimes forget about God and just go on our own way, thinking that we are doing this for Him but in the end it was just self-serving. Funny me, I’m like talking to myself here. Anyways, for those who haven’t watched it, why? Do so now. It’s worth your time.

Heaven is for Real

What’s more interesting in seeing in a movie than having a glimpse on how they will interpret heaven. Colton Burpo who claimed to be in heaven in real life was the star of the movie. It was a delight also to see the cuteness of the kid actor. Very well played acting. The movie speaks itself the book brilliantly. This movie is I think a hit. Now and then people are losing hope. But with the testimony of real heaven exists can make someone get a hold in their faith.


The ultimate movie for husbands and wives. The story they have here is incredible. It’s a must watched as well to the people who planned to tie the knot. The problems arise to married couple speak here are in time. And definitely the advices. It’s worth taking your notes. The LoveDare book, the husband in the movie used by his father’s advice is effective. And to my surprise it’s available in the market.

This is The Love Dare book used in the movie.I firmly believed that this is a good guide to marriage.I said only guide because it's up to us to really do it in our hearts, plus marriage to work needs also our effort,both the husbands and wives.Though I am single,it was a delight to read this.It comes with true biblical principles.It's really worth our time.

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