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Best Of Michael Jordan: Top 10 Highlights & Dunks

Updated on August 13, 2014

The All Time Great

Most people will agree that Michael Jordan is, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. And not only that, one of the most dominant athletes to ever play in their respective sport.

In discussions about the top 5 athletes of all time, the name Michael Jordan often appears on the list. Few athletes have ever achieved such a broad appeal within the public eye. And MJ didn't just have a broad appeal but inspired general awe and excitement. That is why I have made this homage to one of the all time greats.

Jordan getting ready to shoot a free throw.
Jordan getting ready to shoot a free throw. | Source

Below I have compiled Micheal Jordans top 10 highlights and dunks throughout his career. I tried to choose a mixture of his most iconic moments and also some of his very best and well known dunks.

MJ was, and still is, one of the best dunkers the game has ever seen and he had a flair for the dramatic. A wonderful combination. On to the list:

10. Sinks Free Throw With Eyes Closed

This video is hilarious. Dikembe Mutombo of the Nuggets seems to be taunting MJ to shoot the last free throw with his eyes closed. Jordan just laughs, closes his eyes, and sinks it easily.

Watch later as he's walking off and doesn't even care. The announcers are totally clueless too. Classic.

9. Put Back Dunk Off Pippen Missed Free Throw

MJ had quite a few highlight worthy putback dunks off missed free throws during his career, but this is one of the best. He seems to come out of nowhere and throw it down with such authority and grace. The video quality isn't that great but it has the original audio which makes it worth it.

8. Cradle Dunk Vs. Knicks

This one is old school Michael Jordan at his best. Always putting on a show for the crowd. He makes it look so easy and natural, this highlight looks like one from a dunk contest but it's during a game. Oh yeah, he also steals the ball to set up his own dunk. Fantastic.

7. 6 Three's In First Half vs. Blazers

In Game 1 of the '92 NBA Finals, MJ produced one of the best performances of his career. He managed to hit 6 three's in the first half causing even himself to wonder what was going on. It's his now famous "shrug" game. Truly electric stuff.

6. The "Move", Switch Hand Layup

One of the most famous and iconic moves and images of Jordan. The "Move", also known as the "Switch Hand" layup. Michael has said that he was going to go for a dunk then quickly changed his mind. Seems like the Lakers were content with letting him dunk the ball but MJ had other ideas.

Classic image of Jordan sticking his tongue out while dunking.
Classic image of Jordan sticking his tongue out while dunking. | Source

5. "Air" Jordan Dunk (87 Dunk Contest)

This one might be my personal favorite. Vintage Jordan all the way. This is one of the best examples of why he was called "Air" Jordan. The announcers and the fans agree as well.

4. Dunk Over Patrick Ewing

This dunk on Patrick Ewing is absolutely brutal! Watch as MJ relishes his massive dunk with great energy and excitement afterwards. The move leading up to the dunk is just as unreal, which is what makes this highlight one of Jordan's signatures. And one of my favorites.

3. Game Winning Shot vs. Cavs

For whatever reason, this shot has become one of the most famous Jordan highlights. He's got a lot, but this buzzer beater in the playoffs to beat the Cavs is special. He hadn't yet won a championship and you can tell how excited he is.

It's also a great reminder that, yes, Jordan played in the 80's. Just look at those fans.

2. Dunk From The Free Throw Line

One of the most iconic images, and moment, in all of sports. An entire billion dollar brand has been made out of this image. The free throw line dunk.

It had been done before and it's been done since, but no one else has done it like Jordan. This image has been etched in peoples minds and is now a symbol all its own.

The Epic Free Throw Line Dunk Captured Beautifully

The famous poster capturing one of Michael Jordan's most iconic moments of his career and sports in general.
The famous poster capturing one of Michael Jordan's most iconic moments of his career and sports in general.

1. Game Winning Shot vs. Jazz

MJ showing, yet again, what set him far and away from the rest. Never once afraid to take the final shot, and make it. This is the dagger that beat the Jazz and earned Michael and the Bulls their sixth NBA title.

You're too cool Michael, too cool.

What's Your Favorite Jordan Dunk or Highlight?

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    • MatthewWA profile image

      MatthewWA 5 years ago

      Thanks for the kind words! I changed the text to mention Mutombo as the one taunting, thanks for pointing that out.

    • OutDaremagazine profile image

      OutDaremagazine 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      This is a really great hub post. Gave an awesome because i think you spent a good amount of time on the search for videos, and because they are awesome lol. Nice work!

    • AJ Flanigan profile image

      AJ Flanigan 5 years ago from Griffin, GA

      Great hub. No complaints from me on the order. Just one thing, it was Mt. Mutumbo that was taunting MJ to shoot with his eyes closed.