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Best Photo Storing Ideas

Updated on September 5, 2017

A photo is much more than just an image of a person, place or event. Each photo has a certain story behind it. It’s no wonder, because only photos and videos make it possible to preserve our memories and special moments for a lifetime. People get older, their lives change and lots of events happen almost every day. It’s quite natural that each person wants to memorize the most special occasions - those moments that make them happy. However, we often face the same problem when taking photos - storage space. The era of digital technologies allows taking dozens or even hundreds of photos every day. That’s great, of course, but where is it better to store all those photos to preserve their quality and have them at hand when needed? Fortunately, there are several ideas that might be helpful to everyone, who is currently concerned with this issue. Let’s have a look at them now to decide, which option meets your needs most of all these days.

1. Computer

A computer is, probably, the most well-known device to be used for photo and video storage. Computers are found in all homes nowadays and people have already got used to them to such an extent that they just cannot imagine their lives without these devices.This way of storing photos is the most popular just because it is easy and convenient. Anyway, it always makes sense to have the backup copy of photos stored on your computer on any other device. This will help preserve your memories even in case your computer goes out of order or someone steals it. Everything may happen and you have to be ready for these life situations not to regret that later.

A computer is the most popular way to store photos
A computer is the most popular way to store photos

2. External (Portable) Hard Drives

External (or portable) hard drives are much more convenient, when it comes to photo storing. At the same time, they are more expensive and you have to decide in advance, whether you are ready to invest into them or not. If you have many photos to be stored safely for a long time, then you won’t, probably, find a better solution than an external hard drive. These devices are connected to your computer and you just have to copy the photos you have to them via the USB cable. External hard drives are lightweight and small, but they are very functional and allow storing thousands of photos and videos at a time

External hard drives are safe and convenient
External hard drives are safe and convenient

3. SD Cards

Modern digital cameras, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices come with SD cards that may have different volume. These cards are generally inserted into the devices you use and can be changed any time you need that. This means that you can use as many memory cards as needed on one and the same device, thus, storing the unlimited number of photos. The undeniable benefit of memory cards is that they are quite affordable and can be purchased in any online or offline digital store. On the other hand, these cards are rather small and have to be stored in a certain place in your home with special labels marking the type of photos and the time they were taken.

SD cards come in a variety of types
SD cards come in a variety of types

4. Flash (USB) Drives

There is, probably, no home without a USB drive. People have got used to storing their information on these devices. They are easy-to-use, convenient and affordable. They come with a certain storage volume, which differs with regard to the type of the flash drive. You can buy as many USB drives as needed to store your files, including photos. However, just like SD cards, USB drives are quite small and should be stored in a particular place with special marks on them, which provide information about the content they contain.

USB drives are small, convenient and affordable
USB drives are small, convenient and affordable

5. Cloud Services

If you still need a safe and convenient place to store your photos, then you should think about storing them on special cloud services. There are many of them on the web. You can choose either paid or free option to upload your photos and videos. There are also special web-based services that make it possible to create your photo presentations and you can make your own online slideshow or even several of them prior to uploading them to the cloud service of your choice. Such presentations look modern, stylish and visually appealing and they can create nice impression upon everyone, who sees them. The major advantage of online services is that they allow storing the unlimited number of photos all in one place and you don’t have to bother about keeping digital devices in a safe place.

Cloud photo storage gains popularity nowadays
Cloud photo storage gains popularity nowadays

As you see, there are various photo storing options that make it possible to preserve your photos in a secure and effective way. You can choose any of them or make use of several ideas at a time to keep your memories safe and sound.

Where do you store your photos to keep them safe?

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    • alekdo profile imageAUTHOR

      Aleksey Donets 

      13 months ago from Cherkassy, Ukraine

      I do that as well, since I've already had the disappointing experience when losing photos stored on the computer...

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      13 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I store all my photo's on the computer and on an external hard drive. Some photo's I really like I print out and put in my photo album.


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