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Best Places To Buy Doctor Who T-Shirts

Updated on September 26, 2013
The Doctor Who Series has gained popularity thanks to young actors like Matt Smith.
The Doctor Who Series has gained popularity thanks to young actors like Matt Smith. | Source

Doctor Who is a British Science Fiction Show that has been gaining popularity since it's modern renewal.

Quirky, young actors such as Matt Smith and David Tennant helped to attract a younger audience both in Britain and in the United States.

Doctor Who conventions, get-togethers and viewing parties are popping up all over. Dressing up in Doctor Who costumes or as your favorite characters can be great for parties with your fellow Whovians, but what should you wear when you want to show your loyalty and solidarity on an everyday basis?

A Doctor Who T-shirt may be your answer. Doctor Who T-Shirts can be subtle or bold. Some t-shirts are only understood if you are also a fan and some may have strangers coming up to you to ask you questions.

Here are the best places to find Doctor Who t-Shirts and what types of t-shirts they sell.

BBC America Shop

To find official Doctor Who t-shirts, look no further than the producers of the Doctor Who series, BBC and its counterpart BBC America.

Here you can find t-shirts that are officially licensed by the BBC production company which include photographs of the actors.

The shop has specials such as 50th Anniversary t-shirt featuring all the doctors.

This is also one of the places where you can find shirts that specifically say the words Doctor Who. Some companies sell Doctor Who t-shirts but because they do not have an official license, they can only make subtle references using unlicensed versions that only more aware fans will understand.

Just go to:


Amazon has a huge selection of Doctor Who t-shirts and some of the best prices for them. Whether you are looking for one that references your favorite episodes, general logos or the very popular "Keep Calm" t-shirts, Amazon has big selection of sizes, colors and styles.

If you are an Amazon Prime member it is also free shipping so it is easy to stock up. The disadvantage of Amazon is that they don't usually offer too many sales from the Amazon price. They also don't have as many unique shirts for the hardcore fans.

If you want to browse their selection just go to: http:// and search for "Doctor Who T-Shirts."

This t-shirt from Threadless does not contain any trademarked Doctor Who images but the reference to the show and to Disney is obvious.
This t-shirt from Threadless does not contain any trademarked Doctor Who images but the reference to the show and to Disney is obvious. | Source


Threadless is an interesting website that has many interesting and subtle designs. Their Doctor Who t-shirts often contain mixed references to other genres besides Doctor Who.

For example, the t-shirt pictured, one that I own, is referencing both Doctor Who (via the Police Box Tardis) and Belle from Beauty and the Beast (via a back view of her traditional dress and hairstyle). These viewer designed shirts are not official Doctor Who wear. But their references are easy for a Doctor Who fan to pick out.

If you are looking for a more artful design then search for "Doctor Who" on and you will find a great selection.

They also often run sales throughout the year where you can purcahse t-shirts for as little as ten dollars.

If you are shopping for a gift for a Doctor Who fan, find out who their favorite characters are.  Maybe they like the Daleks!
If you are shopping for a gift for a Doctor Who fan, find out who their favorite characters are. Maybe they like the Daleks! | Source

Cafe Press

Cafe Press contains both user created and submitted designs for their t-shirts. Many of the t-shirts have simple pictures or words referencing the show.

While Cafe Press t-shirts tend to be well-made, they are more expensive. They also have the disadvantage of being less interesting than the t-shirts you can find at a site like Threadless.

However, if you have your own idea or design that you want to create for your own t-shirt, this is probalby the best site to do this. I would recommend this site more for your own designs rather than just general shopping for Doctor Who t-shirts.

To see the selection or create your own go to

Think Geek

While Think Geek does not have a huge selection of t-shirts, the ones they have tend to be unique and reasonably priced. They also tend to offer some different color selections from the other sites. Check out their Doctor Who Union Jack t-shirt or a replica of the Tardis created entirely from words from the TV Series.

Think Geek tends to run shipping specials and sales as well so check the site around the holidays for new stock and deals.

To check out their selection go to:


Ebay has a surprising selection of Doctor Who t-shirts both from ebay vendors and average users selling the shirts they own.

You can often find rare, vintage or unique t-shirts on Ebay and sometimes get a good deal. The key to finding t-shirts on ebay is to keep checking. New items are added daily. If you are not seeing what you want, check back.

The downside of Ebay is that if it is one of a kind, it may go for a higher price than you are willing to pay. You also may not find the sizes that you need if you are planning on wearing the t-shirt.

Just check out and search for "Doctor Who t-shirt" or "Doctor Who shirt" to find the current selection. Remember that Ebay is dependent on the words the user has added so try different combinations of terms to make sure you see everything available.

Doctor Who t-shirts make great gifts for birthdays and holidays. Fans who enjoy the show can also enjoy the wide selection of t-shirts available. With all the styles and selections out there, there is sure to be a t-shirt for every style and need.

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If You Still Can't Find the Right Doctor Who T-Shirt, Trying Making One!


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