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Best Radio Stations in Southwest Florida

Updated on May 23, 2011

This kid was born to rock

Music is a language of the soul

My husband and I both love music. We've both been given musical talents, although not enough to use our gifts to make big money. But we love to listen to it. Often, I'll listen to music that reflects my mood, but even more importantly, the music I listen to can change my mood and affect my attitude. It is very important to me to be careful what I listen to, as the lyrics also greatly affect my speech.

The love of music has transferred to our son, who, even at 6 months, began dancing to anything with a good beat. Now, at 13 months, he dances to music in stores and public places, which makes me happy since now I don't dance alone. Although there is a lot of music with a great beat, a lot of it does not have a good message. This has been important for me, but even more important now as I consider what my baby hears on the radio. This is why I am so thankful for the emergence and continued growth of the Christian music industry.

Living in Southwest Florida, we have some amazing radio stations. Way-FM, 88.7, has been a huge blessing to me since I was in high school. That is when I discovered quality Christian music and that music and it's message had a huge influence in my growth as a person and my relationship with Jesus. I went to school in Chicago and assumed that a big city would have great Christian radio, but at the time, I was greatly disappointed to find it was not the case.

Since moving back to Southwest Florida, not only do we have Way-FM to give us great wholesome and enjoyable music, but also we have The Call, which gives a more alternative and harder style music, which we enjoy greatly. They have a variety of stations depending on your area; 107.7 in Naples, 103.3 in Bonita Springs, 91.9 in Fort Myers and 90.5 in Immokalee.

If you're not in Southwest Florida or not near a radio, these stations also have the capability to listen online. WayFM even has an app you can download. Although it's great to have online radio like Pandora or music from Itunes at your disposal, I also enjoy the many uplifting messages given in between songs and discussions from the DJs.

Overall, I believe Southwest Florida has some of the best radio out there.

What radio station do you find amazing? I would love to know.


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    • jerseyjoel profile image

      jerseyjoel 5 years ago

      I LIKE 770 am ESPN radio. you can set up a pole of the radio stations too.. jersey joel