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Best Recording Microphones

Updated on February 1, 2011
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If you had a home recording studio and could only buy one microphone the Shure sm57 would be a really good choice. Why? Because it's as versatile as being able to take the pounding of loud drum skins to being a decent vocal mic as well.

The Shure 57 was originally designed as a studio mic. In the studio this mic can record many different things and do it well. Because of it’s tight cardioid polar pattern it allows you to put it in very close to a loud sound source such as a guitar cab. Be pretty hard to overload it in front of a loud drummer too.

It's one of my favorite sax mics and with the wide frequency response, between 40Hz and 15kHz it has a crisp enough sound for vocals too.

It's a good investment and you'll never want to sell it off... believe me! Most large studios will always have a handfull of Shure sm57's on hand.

Did you know, the Shure 58 is the same mic as the Shure 57 except it has that round metal grill on top? This round grill makes it a better stage mic because it isn't quite as bright as the 57, meaning less chance for feedback around monitors and amplifiers.


Check out this video about the Shure SM57 Microphone!


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