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Best Romantic Movies 2013: Leave a Lot of Room in Your Heart to Fall In Love

Updated on July 8, 2012

Leave a lot of room in your heart to let love in as we reveal the upcoming romantic movies 2013. The year 2012 has come and all that is needed to do is to watch for the movies that we have predicted a year ago. So now, follow our list with best romantic movies 2013.

First in our list is Closer than Love, starring Matt Zemlin and Katharina Bansemer. The story revolves around Dean Hill who lost a loved one in an accident. Hill meets a world-renowned scientist and professor, Gerald Stanton who on the other hand lost a child. Since they share something in common, they eventually became friends.

As the movie progresses, Hill discovers a secret that has been kept by the Professor for so long. The movie is yet to release specific details about the producers and director, so be sure to check for updates about this mysteriously romantic film.

The second film that makes it on our list is another romance titled A Star Is Born. The film is a remake that is scheduled for release in 2013 by Warner Bros. Pictures. The musical film that is directed by Clint Eastwood will star Beyonce Knowles.

The producers are considering several actors to be included in the main cast and they are Jay-Z, Robert Downey, Eddie Murphy, Sean Combs, Sean Penn, Will Smith, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The original story revolves around a star wannabe who married a famous actor. The actor uses his influences to catapult his wife to stardom. But as the woman’s career flourished, the career of the actor spirals down leading him to resort to drugs and alcohol.

Another film that makes it on our list of romantic movies 2013 is Bridget Jones’s Baby. If you have had fun with the first two Bridget Jones movies, then you will surely love the new family in its third installation.

Directed by Peter Catteno, the sequel will star Rene Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant. As the title suggests, the plot of the movie will revolve around Bridget’s baby. The question lies on who has fathered the child. The script is written by Helen Fielding and filming starts in January. Expect the movie to be in the big screen in early 2013.

best romantic movies 2013
best romantic movies 2013

We are not yet done with our list as we are still to bring Night Train to Lisbon. The story revolves around a Swiss professor who discovers a book after having saved a woman. The book compels him to embark on a journey that leads to the very heart of him.

Bille August directs the film that casts Jeremy Irons, Melanie Laurent, Bruno Gariz, Christopher Lee, Vanessa Redgrave, and Lena Olin. More specific details about the movie such as its release date are yet to be announced. Just be sure to check for updates and be the first to see the trailer.

You’ll never run out of good romantic movies 2013 with another film on our list: Looking for Alaska. The film is based on the novel by John Green that tells about the story of teenagers who are in the phase of self discovery.

The story is set in Alabama and revolves around Alaska Young and the attention that she gets from most of the male students in her school.

As early as 2005, Paramount Pictures have obtained the film rights for the novel. After long years of waiting, the production team is currently on the move.

Further details are to be announced so keep your eye on the film development and be the first to see the trailer and know when the film will be released.

Romantic Movies 2013
Romantic Movies 2013

Yet we still have one more. Another love story is coming your way in 2013 in the film Safe Haven. The film is an adaptation of a novel by Nicholas Sparks. It is about a girl who fled to North Carolina and falls for a widowed father who helps her get through the dangers that she is trying to escape from.

The film was originally intended to be released on 2012 but Relativity Media pushed the release date to 2013. Details about the cast are yet to be announced so keep watching the development for this film.

There are still other films that we haven’t mentioned for you to await. Nonetheless, with the list we made, you are sure that you will have a lovely year with the romantic movies 2013.

Best Romantic Movies 2013

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    • profile image

      Dolly 3 years ago

      None can doubt the veciraty of this article.

    • profile image

      Haley 6 years ago

      Safe Haven is an amazing book... I really hope that the movie can show it a little justice... I am just saying, there are so many scenes they can take from that book and just make them badass on tv. For ex. When ger psycho husband comes looking for her after he uncovers her new identity... And sets her new "lovers" house on fire and the whole coming up fight scene... I expect nothing less than absolute greatness for my fav. Authors books that are turned into films. Also why does Sparks not sell film rights for The Guardian?? That is another one of my fav. Well lets be honest they are all fantastic... But... I really think that if made right, The Guardian would make a very good movie.