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Best (Sad) Romance Movies on Netflix

Updated on May 23, 2017

Grab the Tissues and Get Comfortable

After a harsh breakup, there is truly nothing better than curling up in bed or on the couch and watching yourself a good, cry-worthy romance movie. These five movies on Netflix are the perfect cure for heartbreak, a rainy day, or even just the stress of everyday life. Sometimes, it's good to cry.


1. Comet (2014)

Starring Emmy Rossum and Justin Long, "Comet" is a romance-comedy-drama film that centers around pessimist Dell (Justin Long) and intelligent Kimberly (Emmy Rossum) who meet, by chance, at a meteor shower. Their intricate relationship from that moment is examined by a series of snippets and scenes from parallel universes, the high and happy times contrasting the depressions that also occur. "Comet" is an interesting look at how the details in a relationship add up and offers a fascinating perspective on the nature of intimate relationships themselves.

One of the most fascinating parts of this movie is its structure; the snippets of their relationships that the viewer pieces together are not in chronological order and jump from universe to universe, some where Dell and Kimberly are happy, others where the duo is not so happy.


2. One Day (2011)

"One Day" is a romantic drama starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. It follows the story of Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) as they go from their meeting after their college graduation into their careers and lives. This film offers ideas about how two people can interact and belong together, but still not be together until much has already happened in their lives. It examines an all-too-real relationship and an all-too-real love.

This tear-jerker also has an interesting structure: each section takes place on the same exact day over a number of years. So while the first section takes place 14 July 1988, the next one takes place in 1989.


3. The Last Five Years (2014)

"The Last Five Years" on Netflix is actually a film version of a 2001 musical starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. It depicts the ruin of what seemed like a solid and beautiful relationship through a series of songs; Cathy (Kendrick) is an actress who can't seem to make it in the harsh theatre world of New York, while Jamie (Jordan) is a college dropout whose book has suddenly grabbed the attention of a major publishing company. This movie/musical examines the unspoken competition of a relationship and how success or failure in a career can affect one's relationships.

Like "Comet" and "One Day," "The Last Five Years" also has a strange structure that made it incredibly popular as a staged play. The scenes are separated by solos by each of the two characters about their relatinships; however, while Jamie's songs depict the relationship from its start to its end, Cathy's songs start from the end of the relationship to its start. And if you enjoy the movie, the soundtrack is well worth downloading.

A sample from "The Last Five Years"


4. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)

"Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" is a drama disguised as a comedy disguised as an apocalypse movie. Starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightly, it follows the story of Dodge (Carell) as the imminent doom of an approaching asteroid is announced and he tries to figure out what to do with his last few weeks of life. He unexpectedly goes on a journey with his neighbor, Penny (Knightly), and the romance and genuinely wonderful story that follows is a wonderful mix of hilarious and devastating.

While this movie has a pretty typical structure, its title and plot are references to "Preaching the End of the World," a track on Chris Cornell's 1999 album, Euphoria Morning.


5. Across the Universe (2007)

"Across the Universe" is a British-American musical that seems almost like an epic in the vast amount of story that it is able to tell. While the stories are intricate and various, one of the main plot lines surround the life and romance of Jude, who moves from Liverpool to New Jersey.

"Across the Universe" is actually a jukebox musical; this means that it is a musical that is made up entirely of songs written by other people. In this case, all of the songs in the musical are written by the Beatles. So the creators of "Across the Universe" basically took songs from the Beatles and shaped them into an overarching plot, with several deviations and subplots that allowed for diverse song use. "Hey Jude" has never been so heart-wrenching.

You Can Always Count on Netflix

All of the movies in this article can currently be watched on Netflix; once again, Netflix has our backs. A good, cathartic cry is healthy every once in a while, so don't be afraid to turn off the lights, crack open a new box of Kleenex (and maybe a new bottle of wine), and delve into any one (or more!) of these sweet, sad, and romantic movies.

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