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Best Season Finale for a TV Show

Updated on December 14, 2014

Was he God? The Anti-God? The Anarchist God? The Devil?

Should have seen the ending coming with this picture!
Should have seen the ending coming with this picture! | Source

Imaging hidden in the SOA Series Finale and What they mean:

Near the middle of the season finale of the Sons of Anarchy TV show, we see the girl (lady?) that we've been seeing from time to time during the running of the show. She was looking through the garbage bins when Juice threw away the murder weapons Gemma used to kill Jax's wife, Tera.

Jax stumbles upon her behind the courthouse, where she gives him the blanket he needs to hide himself in plain sight, so that he can kill Marcus Power, the "black" kingpin. Jax asks her "Who are you?", and she gives him the blanket, saying "it's time". As the camera pans away from her and Jax, we see a partially eaten piece of bread and a small bottle of red wine (red, red wine...) - which, of course, id \\s symbolic of Jesus - eat of my flesh so that it may nourish you, drink of my blood so that it may get you buzzed" (or, something like that!)...

At the end of the final episode of this social media king of a TV show, we see an eagle soaring into the sky as Jax flies on down the highway, wind in his hair and a smile on his face - with every local and state cop behind him. He's said goodbye to Tara, his club and finally his dead father - now, it's time for Jax to fulfill his final mission, which was his long-time wish - to ensure that his real sons (eg children) will "never see the anarchy that defines my life".

The eagle soars and finally just disappears! Gone... Hmmm... Could this be an analogy that his spirit is finally being set free? Me thinks so - what did you think?

After the eagle disappears, the "camera" soars up from behind the cops trailing Jax at a respectable distance behind him. It races along the highway, amongst the cops and finally up to Jax, as he looks behind to see the ruddy army of cops chasing him down the highway - the same highway where his father supposedly did the exact same thing on Jax's mind - obtaining freedom from the anarchy that has defined his life up until this very point in time.

Jax, of course, lets go of the handlebars of his father's Harley Davidson, which his dad had used to off himself on the same highway Jax is now free riding down, heading straight for the huge, long-haul truck that Gemma got a ride with up to her father's place, where Jax finally shot and killed her, after killing Unser (who deserved it - he is the one who is ultimately responsible for Gemma killing Tara - Jax's mother killed his wid\fe, because Unser told his mother that Tara had made a deal with the feds which would put Jax behind bars for life - NOT something you do to the president of an illegal, international biker gang!).

Now, as Jax is hit by the truck, we see what appears to be that same piece of bread on the side of the highway, with 2 crows eating from it (the biker gang, Sons of Anarchy, is also known as SAMCRO - Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals). The crows fly off as Jax's blood starts to reach the bread, which now looks like the same "blood of my son, body of my son" scenario.

So - did the finale make it look like Jax was God? Maybe from the gang's viewpoint. But, one thing that does seem certain is that the title, "Sons of Anarchy" was meant for Jax's 2 sons, and not the name of the biker gang thatJax inherited from his step-father, who got it from Jax's blood father. Jax was the "anarchy", and his sons were the "sons of Anarchy", who, thanks to Jax's death, "will never have to live through the Anarchy that has defined who I am" - as Jax states to Nero before his fateful last ride.

The Final Ride

Ridin' Thru this world, all alone - God takes your soul, you're on your own - the crow flies straight... (opening song)
Ridin' Thru this world, all alone - God takes your soul, you're on your own - the crow flies straight... (opening song)

Sons of Anarchy - Final Ride

Who really were the "Sons of Anarchy"? Even though that phrase is on the gang's cut (the big, center patch on the backs of their vests and jackets, their clubhouse, and on their "church" table, I firmly believe that the "Sons of Anarchy" were Jax's two sons. There were a lot of references in the final two seasons of the show that make this a probability over a possibility, but the final episode - damn it! Is it really over? - has lots of video and audio references that back up this proposition.

The Sons of Anarchy was full of symbolism - from the creator, writer and producer, Kurt Sutter, playing Otto, the Son left to rot in jail, awaiting his death sentence for multiple murder - the same charges Jax is facing in the series finale as he takes his final ride - to Jax killing his mother for killing his wife, then realizing that he really is a bad person.

Now, all of the SOA fans will attest that the final season was "hashtagged" with "#the_final_ride" - and that's exactloy how the series ends, at the end of Jax's "final ride".

Take a bow, boys and girls, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Otto (kurt Sutter), Gemma ("Al - get me some BonBons! - Yes, Peggy Bundy as the matriarch of a biker gang! What casting!) and Wendy (Drea De Matteo - from "The Sopranos" - a 2-hit wonder who played a junkie in both hit shows) - and everyone else - yes, even you, Rat!

Ridin' Thru This World, All Alone...

Today's Billy the Kid, or was he God? Watch the final episode and see the number of scenes that could readily and easily be references to just that!
Today's Billy the Kid, or was he God? Watch the final episode and see the number of scenes that could readily and easily be references to just that!

The Best Show Over the Past 7 Years?

Could the Sons of Anarchy be the best show on TV for the past 7 years? Well, once Ron Pearlman was killed off, the show became much, much better. And, as "the final ride" played out, up to the point where Jax took his "final ride" while his sons were taking their "final ride" while still having a father - YEs - the final season of the Sons of Anarchy was the BEST SHOW on TV, Period!

Are you a Sons of Anarchy super-fan?

Is (was?!?!) SOA your new, favourite TV show?

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