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Best Seasons Of The Bachelor

Updated on April 19, 2013

The Bachelor is one of the most anticipated TV series produced by ABC. It is reality dating game show which aims to find the dream girl of a featured bachelor. The show has already aired 17 seasons since 2002. Below is a rundown on the best 5 seasons of The Bachelor.

Season 3 - Andrew Firestone.

He is the heir of the famous tire company, Firestone. On the second episode of the 3rd season aired on March 6, 2003, Andrew Firestone was introduced as the new bachelor. Three other gentlemen were also shown who were bachelor runners-up for the 3rd season. On the first week, Andrew met 25 gorgeous ladies although by the end of the night, he decided to send 10 ladies home. During the 4th week, a compatibility test was done to determine the outcome of his dates with the ladies. In this episode, he chose 4 ladies to move on to the next round.


On the 5th week, Andrew visited the hometown of each of the contenders, but out of the four ladies he eliminated one. With only 3 ladies remaining, Andrew took each of them to overnight romantic dates. During the 6th week, he got to know more about the three ladies, making it more difficult for him to choose the right girl for her. The week ended when he finally decided to let go of one of the ladies. On the 7th week, two finalists got the chance to meet the Firestone family. Andrew will then realize that one of the two remaining ladies is the woman he has been waiting for so long. Who will the business tycoon heir propose to by the end of the season?

Season 4 - Robert "Bob" Guiney.

He started his own company, Allied Home Mortgage

On the 1st week that was aired on September 24, 2003, Bob Guiney met the twenty-five contenders but sent ten of them home by the end of the night. On the 3rd week, he went on a group date with three bachelorettes and one lucky lady got the most desired solo date with Bob. During the 4th week, he took five of the contestants to a water park for an exciting group date. When only three ladies are remaining during the 7th week,


Bob took each of them on their date fantasies. Each of the ladies experienced a romantic moment with Bob however one of them had to go. Only two finalists were left standing and on the 9th week, Bob met each of their families. By the end of the season, to whom do you think the bachelor will give a promise ring?

Season 13 - Jason Mesnick.

He is a single dad and an Account Executive residing in Washington.

The 1st episode was aired on January 5, 2009 where Jason Mesnick met the twenty-five ladies that fought for his love and affection. On the 5th week, he took five ladies to his hometown where one of the ladies spent a night with him on a houseboat. Another lady also had the chance to ride on a seaplane with Jason.

On the 6th week, he encountered the families of the remaining four ladies however he was not able to meet the parents of one of them but met the best friends instead. By the end of the dating game, only two remained competing to be Jason's wife and his son's stepmother. On the season finale, Jason made an unexpected and shocking decision. Who do you think will Jason choose to be his life-long partner?

Season 15 - Brad Womack.

He is a business man and owns four bars in Austin Texas.

Being the first and only bachelor who dumped all ladies by the end of the season in the year 2001, Brad Womack made a mature comeback in the reality show on January 3, 2011. At the start of the season, he faced the two finalists in season 7, Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas. He started the journey in finding his true love when he met the twenty-five ladies that competed to be his wife. However by the end of the night, he sent five ladies home. During the 2nd week, he went to a solo date with two contenders. He also had a group date then sent three girls home by the end of the episode. He also went out on several group dates with them on Catalina Island, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and at Cirque du Soleil.


During the 5th week, Brad spent a lovely dinner date with one of the bachelorette. On the 6th week, he took the remaining ladies to Costa Rica but he shared a spectacular ride to only one lady. On the 7th week, the group had a group date with Brad on Anguilla. When only four ladies are remaining, Brad visited each of their hometowns where he encountered one nerve-wracking father. The fight all went down to two ladies remaining in the battlefield. This season is very heart-warming as Brad will pour his heart out to the woman he is willing to spend the rest of his life with.

Season 17 - Sean Lowe.

He is an insurance agent and retired football player from McKinney, Texas.

Since Sean Lowe had been unsuccessful when he joined the dating game, The Bachelorette, he made sure that in this season he will find the woman he has been longing for. The season started when he met the 26 bachelorettes on January 17, 2013. He sent seven ladies home by the end of the party. On the 2nd week, he spent an exciting date with one of the ladies through a breath taking free-fall at LA Skyscraper. During the 3rd week, he shared a passionate very long on-screen kiss with one of the ladies.


Nine bachelorettes remained on the 6th week, they all enjoyed an exciting date with Sean that involved cold water dipping in Lake Louise, monster truck ride on a glacier, and rappelling down the cliff. On the 8th week, Sean visited the hometown of the remaining four ladies but at the end he had to eliminate one of them. The three remaining ladies got the opportunity to share an intimate night with Sean on Thailand; this is probably that most sought week in this season. On the 12th week the players are reduced down to only two contenders. By the end of the season, who do you think will Sean see as the most special and most beautiful woman in the world?


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