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Best Seasons of The Bachelorette

Updated on August 28, 2016

For fans of the Bachelorette, there have been some great seasons and some that were just so-so. While each woman doesn't always find her prince charming, there are five seasons that have definitely kept audiences on their toes, anxiously awaiting each episode. For fans of the show who are interested in some of the best seasons of the Bachelorette, these are the top five seasons of the show so far. Be aware that the outcome of the show is revealed, so if you're just looking for which seasons to watch here they are: Emily, Jillian, Ashley, Trista, and Jen

Emily's Season

Emily Maynard charmed audiences from the first episode due to her Southern charm and integrity. Her no-nonsense attitude played well with audiences who were rooting for her to find true love on the show. Throughout each episode Emily showed a determination and maturity that previous bachelorettes have lacked, taking each man seriously, and trying to find out which one matched well with her personality style and life. Additionally, her close relationship with her family made her endearing and this reality show definitely hit a high point with Emily.


Emily's final two choices were Arie and Jef. While agonizing over her decision, Emily's dad made the observation that she couldn't possibly be in love with both of them. While both guys were strong candidates for her heart, Emily eventually chose Jef. After convincing her that he was ready to met her son Little Ricki, Jef won him over. Although Jef may seem a little young, he has a maturity that many guys his age wish they had. While there were some hokey moments, especially Emily's breakup scene with Arie, this was a great season overall.

Jillian's Season

Season 5 of the Bachelorette featured Jillian Harris who is an interior designer from Canada. She was the first contestant who was not from America. Her choice was difficult and her final three contestants were all great guys. Third place finisher Reid ultimately lost his chance with Jillian due to an inability to open up and share her life. Her final two choices, Ed and Kiptyn had some rough spots, but both made it to the final round.


Ed's fantasy date didn't go as planned, but after asking for another chance, managed to make a better impression. Kyptin was probably the most fun contestant on the show, but Jillian easily got frustrated when he evaded her attempts to be serious. Ultimately, Kyptin lost a chance with Emily who was charmed by his nature, but wanted something more from her relationships. In the season finale, Jillian chose Ed as the guy to be in her life. This was a rocky season, with Jillian fighting to make the right decision, but audiences were with her all the way.

Ashley's Season

Ashley Herbert, a former reject from the 15th season of the Bachelor, was the lucky lady in season 7 of this popular show. This season definitely had some wild cards with early favorite Bentley deciding to leave the show the third week. Ashley had definitely been considering him, so this development changed the the tone of the entire show. This season also aired in several exotic locations across the world. Taiwan was a high point for Ashley as she got to experience a new culture with these guys.


In the season's episode, Ashley had to choose from J.P. and Ben. Ashley's sister Chrystie argued over the contestants, saying that J.P. was too old for her. However, even though her sister wasn't quite on board, Ashley ended up accepting J.P. in the exotic location of Fiji. The heart-breaking finale ended with Ben hoping to add to his family after the death of his father, but ultimately being hurt. However, Ashley and J.P.'s chemistry was hard to deny.

Trista's Season

Trista from Indiana was the original runner-up on the first season of the Bachelor before starring on the first season of the Bachelorette. As one of the most watched programs in the entire history of reality television, audiences were immediately drawn to her sweet nature and eagerly waited to see who her lucky guy would be. This former Miami Heat cheerleader had a large range of guys to choose from, but eventually chose Ryan Sutter as her main man.

Trista Sutter
Trista Sutter | Source

What makes Trista's season so memorable is that she actually ended up marrying her choice from the show. Ryan and Trista were married in a huge ceremony that was televised on the network in a three episode special filmed in California. This was a great way to end the season and although not all the couples have found their happy endings like Trista and Ryan, they were a memorable couple.

Jen's Season

Jennifer was actually selected by Andrew Firestone in the third season of the Bachelor, but her relationship fizzled. This season was unusual since it was filmed in New York City. Her final two guys were Jerry Ferris who was the director of an art gallery and John Paul. While both guys eagerly tried to win her hand, it was obvious that Jen had more chemistry with Jerry than with John Paul. Although he tried to make up for his short-comings, their relationship fizzled and she ultimately chose Jerry.


Although audiences were shocked when during the last episode, Jerry proposed to Jen. In a unique twist, Jen actually rejected his proposal and stated that she hadn't found love with him, choosing to leave the show without a guy. This was hard news for both the finalists, but ultimately, she made the right choice. Today, Jen is married and has a child with no further connections to reality television.


These are some of the best seasons of the Bachelorette and the major events that happened in each one. With each season, audiences looked forward to seeing what crazy antics the producers and guys could come up with to win their bachelorette's heart. While some of the guys were definitely more memorable than others, each managed to make a lasting impression. These five seasons did not always end happily for each contestant, but through the highs and lows, audiences eagerly anticipated the giving of the final rose.

Clips from Jillian's season


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