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Best Slice of Life Anime Recommendations

Updated on November 26, 2013
Slice of Life Anime
Slice of Life Anime | Source

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Best Slice of Life Anime Introduction

In case you didn't know what "Slice of Life" meant, it is the representation of real life. For example, things like running errands, going to work or school, doing your daily tasks are some of it. I am going to introduce you some really good anime that I enjoyed and share them with you here.

K-On! | Source


This anime is about four highschool girls trying to save their music club from breaking apart. The main female lead Yui Hirasawa has no musical background but later on become really good at playing the guitar. If you are a big fan of music and playing all sorts of different musical instruments, then this anime will relate to you a lot.

Toradora! | Source


Toradora! is your daily high school dose of comedy, romantic relationships and misunderstood personalities. You have a girl in the anime that isn't afraid to speak her mind, which is refreshing to see and has quite an attitude. This show is a perfect flick for highschool kids as they can really relate to it.

Lucky Star
Lucky Star | Source

Lucky Star

Finally, we have a lazy female lead Konata Izumi that always neglects her school work. This is usually played by male characters and it is refreshing to see something different. Konata is also the shortest of the cast, making her quite a funny character to watch. She does grow on you as the anime goes on.

Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk | Source

Slam Dunk

This one is an oldie but is a really good sports slice of life anime. You have a "genius" basketball player named Sakuragi Hanamichi who is a delinquent turned basketball player. As he strives to become the best in his school(Shohoku), he meets strong opponents along the way as his team aims to enter the inter high tournament. You have an anime that has comedy and plenty of sports action mixed together for a classic show.

Clannad | Source


This anime is extremely popular among fans. Tomoya Okazaki is a delinquent that has a rough relationship with his dad and life seems to go south until he meets the main female lead Nagisa, Things started to turn around as Nagisa brings another element that is missing in his life.

GTO | Source

Great Teacher Onizuka

Finally, we have an anime that focuses on a teacher instead of a high school kid. While Onizuka isn't the traditional middle age teacher, he does have a unique way of teaching that he uses to curb a bunch of out of control high school kids that are not too happy with his appointment as the new teacher of their class.

Cross Game
Cross Game | Source

Cross Game

Here we have is a baseball sports anime with Ko Kitamura as the protagonist. Ko likes to spend time with his neighbor sisters, especially Wakaba. This makes the younger sisters Aoba jealous. Aoba is a very talented pitcher and Ko trains behind closed doors in a bid to be just as good as Aoba. The anime focuses on their relationship with baseball elements to it. I am sure baseball fans will relate to this.

School Rumble
School Rumble | Source

School Rumble

In this anime, you have a male and female lead that has a hard time confessing their feelings and let them be known. The male protagonist Harima Kenji is a delinquent that has a crush on the female protagonist Tenma Tsukamoto. However, Tenma likes the quiet and oblivious Oji Karasuma. This causes a potential love triangle. The anime does not only focus on them as there are also a lot of other couple pairings and comedic scenes. If you are looking for a summer hit, this will do it!

Hayate the Combat Butler
Hayate the Combat Butler | Source

Hayate the Combat Butler

Hayate Ayasaki is forced to work at a young age to make ends meet. His parents are rather irresponsible and decided to sell their organ for money and leave a huge debt for Hayate to pay off. As he runs away, he meets a very rich girl Nagi Sanzenin that ended up falling for him as the show progresses. Hayate then eventually becomes her new butler, which sets up an interesting plot for the anime as it goes on.

Bunny Drop
Bunny Drop | Source

Bunny Drop

This one portrays the life of a "single dad", which is quite a different take for an anime as most of them focus on high school students. Daikichi adopts his grand dad's illegitimate six year old daughter as she is being treated as an outcast. The anime focuses on the life of a single man that has no prior experience in dealing with kids. He later meets a single mother and she helps him on how to deal with little kids. This is an anime that single parents will relate to.

Slice of Life Anime Conclusion

These anime above are very interesting and I think that you should watch them as well. Since I try to keep recommendations to ten, I included the best ones.


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    • profile image

      Pat Servin 2 years ago

      Lucky Star is my favorite slice of life anime. I would love it if they released more episodes.

    • profile image

      you're-seeing-my-name 3 years ago

      Gin no saji...such fun slicle of life and NHK tooo

    • profile image

      Anime&Manga-IsMyLife 4 years ago