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Best Songs by Iron & Wine

Updated on June 21, 2012

Iron & Wine happens to be the stage name of folk artist Sam Beam who sometimes performs with a supporting band.
I discovered Iron & Wine some time last year while aimlessly browsing through Youtube. I still consider myself lucky that I clicked on the link to the video of Swans And The Swimming because it changed the way I look at music.

People mostly know Iron & Wine due to the use of Flightless Bird(American Mouth) in the prom scene of Twilight. But trust me, Iron & Wine is much beyond that. There are songs that'll make you addicted to them. The lyrics are beautiful and have a certain mystifying touch to them. If you haven't heard Iron & Wine yet, you should start listening to him right now.

And lucky for you, I'm presenting the perfect collection of Iron & Wine songs that in my opinion, are his best so far. But why listen to me? You should hear all his tracks and decide for yourself.

Anyway, my list goes as follows:

Swans And The Swimming

Resurrection Fern

The Trapeze Swinger

Flightless Bird, American Mouth


Upward Over The Mountain

Boy With A Coin

Naked As We Came

Such Great Heights(Postal Service Cover)

Love and Some Verses

Listen to these songs with an open mind and you'll fall in love with them eventually. Happy listening people.


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