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Best Ukulele Brands for Beginners

Updated on June 5, 2012
Flea Ukulele
Flea Ukulele

The ukulele is a fantastic instrument. In less than 10 minutes, you are able to play a song with only 4 chords. It is that easy and fun. Once you pick it up, you will join the family of ukulele lovers in an instant. As Jake Shimabukuro says it, "If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place".
Just playing it will make you happy and more importantly will make people around you happy. The sound of the ukulele is magical !

Now that you have taken the decision to look for a ukulele, you may wonder which one to buy. They can go from 10$ to a few thousand dollars. But I agree that you will not need a high end ukulele to start enjoying playing with it. So which one should you buy ?

I have been playing the ukulele since 2007 and I tried many of them. The first one was a 60$ Blue Moon Soprano ukulele, the second was a 170$ Flea ukulele and then I really wanted an awesome ukulele and I bought a 500$ Koaloha Soprano Pikake. Needless to say, the 50$ one cannot even compare to the others but it was a good ukulele for the beginner I was then.

20$ or more ?

Usually, when you buy a string instrument like a ukulele or a guitar, the first thing to make sure is if your instrument can hold a tune. It is not possible to play if it is going out of tune every 5 minutes.

So for 20$, you can get a Makala. That is a good deal is you want to try it out and do not have a large budget. The quality of the sound is not the best but it is fine to start. Just know that if you really want to get into playing the ukulele, you should save a bit more money and buy a Kala or Lanikai that cost about 50 to 60$.

More Than 200$ ?

I would not recommend buying a ukulele that would cost you a fortune before knowing if this is the instrument that you will love and play everyday. While getting a good ukulele that you will enjoy playing is a very good argument to spend money on that string instrument, it is possible to get a good price on a decent ukulele.

Flea Ukulele : Cheap with a Great Sound

Known in the ukulele community as the ukulele every beginner should own, the Flea ukulele is a must have. The plastic feeling may make you feel like it is a toy but every ukulele player that has tried one will tell you that it is a great instrument.

It is really robust, you will not be scared to bring it with you when traveling. I highly recommend buying one because for the price, you get a very good brand ukulele that has proved itself for years among ukulele players.

That ukulele will last for years. Invest in a flea, a must-have ukulele !


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    • Gedsy profile image

      Gedsy 5 years ago

      The Makala Dolphin is used a lot by ukulele players as a cheap but in-tune ukulele. Might not have the best sound but it's fairly cheap around 50$. Makala is a brand from Kala that makes cheap ukulele. Plus, it comes with a gigbag.

      I think that would be the cheapest and playable uke.

      I for one use the Flea ukulele to go to the beach because it's very solid and has a nice sound. But for it's price, you can get 3 or 4 Makala Dolphin.

    • rulesforrebels profile image

      rulesforrebels 5 years ago

      gedsy, im heading down to mexico on vacation in a few weeks and jamaica later on in the summer. looking to get a small sporano thats cheap so i can travel with it and not be too mad or out too much money if it gets treated rough during travel or sand and water on the beach. looking to bring it both places and practice a little in a cool environment with all day to do nothing. whats the cheapest uke i can pickup thats not a toy

    • Gedsy profile image

      Gedsy 5 years ago

      Nice choice ^^ Kala is a good brand.

      Have fun playing with it.

    • rulesforrebels profile image

      rulesforrebels 5 years ago

      i just bought my first uke. i bought a kala ka-cem. i really like it. about $115 so a starter but also a pretty decent quality instrament. i really like it.