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Best Vocalists of the 80's,90's,00's and Beyond Part 8

Updated on March 12, 2012
Josh Groban
Josh Groban

Hello and welcome back to Part 8 of my series "Best of 80's,90's,00's and Beyond!"

Continuing where we left off at number 36!

36. Josh Groban.

Not only can he do pop but he can do classical too! Josh Groban got his start as an actor, but as his voice became a significant instrument he decided to pursue music as well. His four solo albums have been certified double-platinum and has sold over 24 million albums world wide. Various music critics have described Groban's voice in different ways, with some referring to him as a tenor and others as a baritone. I'm going to agree with some comments I found on YouTube while looking for the video below. He sounds like a prince off a Disney movie! And who doesn't love Disney?


37. Cher.

She first got her start as one half of the duo Sonny and Cher. Then went off to do her own solo projects where she eventually found success in the music world as well as the acting world. She has sold millions of albums and has had amazing success in the dance music scene with songs like Believe and Strong Enough. She recently made a come back film with Christina Aguilera in the lead, Burlesque. She recorded two songs for the sound track of the album, both of which can be found in the film. Rumor has it that she is in the process of creating an album and having a possible comeback tour in 2012 in order to promote it. She is known for her outrages outfits on and off stage.


38. Selena.

I remember being five years old when the tragic news of my favorite singers death came over the news. I was young but I remember singing her songs and dancing just like her. Selena was named the Queen of tejano music and was loved all over Latin America. She ruled in a music genre where men dominated and remained the most influential. She not only sang Spanish songs but was in the process of making a cross over into the English music scene when she was gunned down by the president of her fan club in 1995. Jennifer Lopez played the role of the singer in the biopic Selena. Every few years there are tribute concerts done to remember her influence in the Latin music scene.


39. Sonique

This Singer/Dj is one of my favorite vocalists because of her deep unique vocals. She won the 2001 BRIT award for British female solo artist. My favorite song from her is "It feels so good", her voice is powerful yet sultry in this song. It also helps that the song was such a huge success in the dance music scene. She has continued to release music in recent years.

Jessie J
Jessie J

40. Jessie J

This lady got her start writing music for entertainers like Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown. Her most successful song written being Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA. Jessie J served as house artist at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, performing several of her own original songs and some covers around the commercial break. I personally thought Jessie J's cover of Firework by Katy Perry was better than the original!

Love it? Hate it? leave your comments and suggestions for vocalists you would like to see on the list! If you haven't checked out the rest of my series, go enjoy them! You could be introduced to some new vocalists you have never heard of!


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