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Best & Worst Christmas Movies & Specials -- Frosty The Snow Man

Updated on December 14, 2012

A light-hearted Christmas romp

It doesn't have all the ugliness of Rudolph. It doesn't really have any kind of message it's trying to deliver. And Santa Claus is actually portrayed as the guy we all expect, not the nasty bigot from Rudolph or the whiny depressed Christmas canceller in The Year Without A Santa Claus. The premise is the first snow of the season is magical.

When I think about it, it's very rare that the first time it snows each year that it lands on the ground, or even snows enough to make a snow man. So it's very possible the first snow of the season could be magical. I'm one of those people that likes to believe there's magic in the world, so why not around Christmas.

Anyway, the first snow of the season comes and some school children build a snowman. After recess they're being entertained by a very bad magician named, Professor Hinkle, and his rabbit, Hocus Pocus. When the rabbit escapes out the window, the hat lands on the snowman's head and he comes to life. Of course, when Hinkle discovers this, he takes his hat pack.

However, Hocus Pocus runs off with the hat and brings Frosty back to life. What follows is Frosty having a good time with the kids, and developing a friendship with a girl named Karen. When the temperature starts to rise, Karen becomes determined to save Frosty as she and Hocus Pocus hop on a train with him to the North Pole.

Unfortunately, Hinkle is right on their tail, determined to get his hat back. Every Christmas story needs a villain, and Hinkle is pretty light-weight with his mustache twirling and his ineffectual attempts to get his hat back. He finally seems to succeed in his dastardly goal when he locks Karen and Frosty in a greenhouse and Frosty begins to melt. However, Hocus Pocus gets Santa and he saves the day.

He revives the puddle that was once Frosty to his former jolly self and threatens to not bring Hinkle anymore magic tricks if he doesn't stop trying to steal the hat back. Hinkle capitulates and goes on his way, and Frosty promises Karen he'll be back again some day.

CBS didn't show the original sequel to this special called, Frosty's Winter Wonderland, I think it was called, which had it's own bit of charm as Frosty found love with snow woman Crystal. Instead they played Frosty Returns which didn't possess any of the magic of the original Frosty.

Some rich guy had made this spray can that could melt snow away. Then people got carried away from it and it was becoming a threat to the environment because snow helped to replenish the waters in rivers and lakes. It just had very little charm to it.

So, a big thumbs up to Frosty The Snowman when you're in the mood for some light fluffy Christmas fare to watch and a thumbs down to Frosty Returns. If you can find it, watch Frosty's Winter Wonderland as the companion piece to Frosty.


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