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Top 10 Best Songs of Yesudas

Updated on May 1, 2015
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Kannan just loves all things Bollywood. Being a Mumbaikar he has been all the while had a tremendous sense of liking about the Hindi cinema.

A song is being played at the background in the world's largest pilgrimage center, Sabrimala temple, Harivarasanam is the song which is played every time the temple is closed. The song has been sung by none other than K.J. Yesudas. As the song is played all the priest start to leave one by one except the head priest of the temple, and as the song finishes all the diyas are put to end. The temple door is closed as the final rhymes are being sung. The ritual takes place every time the temple is closed.

No matter you may believe in any religion (or you may not believe in any), but the song and the voice will touch your heart and soul every time you listen the song. One sure way to start your day in a refreshing way is to listen this song.

Now, let me begin by saying that Yesudas is one such singer whose expertise, simplicity, charm, and classically beautiful voice has not been properly put to use by the Industry, at least by the Bollywood film industry. However, he is second to none in the south Indian film industry. Millions including you are his fans.

His contributions in the music industry transcends every corner of India. Any Indian who even remotely has some interest in music definitely would have come across his impact full voice. And his contributions have also been rewarded by honoring him with seven National Film Awards, and about 35 State honors from different governments such as the state of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal. No one other than him has such an impressive list of awards, not in the music industry nor in any other field of arts.

So, let me present to you the list of top ten best songs by K.J Yesudas.

10| Gori Tera Gaon - Chitchor

I am guilty of going with the popular feeling and to choose Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyaara in the first place. This song is the most famous and probably the most listened song of Yesudas. And do I need to mention this one is an all time hit song.

The song is from the movie Chitchor released in the year 1976 starring Amol Palekar and Zarina Wahab. All the songs from the movie are equally good.

This brings back fond memories of childhood when my mother use to start the radio set and a tuneful voice started my morning.

9| Aapki Mehki Hui - Trishul

The beautiful hand-in-hand duet song picturised on Waheeda Rehman and Sanjeev Kapoor is melodious to its core. One quality of Yesudas was that he complimented well with any singer, be in a fairly new singer or someone like Lata Mangeshkar.

I said fairly new singers because Yesudas performed in many concerts all over the world and many upcoming singers had a chance to share the stage with him.

8| Surmayee Ankhiyon Mein - Sadma

This extremely touching number is one such rare song in the film industry. I dare to say that nobody else could have matched him or even come close to it.

The song required so much feel and Yesudas voice does full justice to the song. Kamal Hasan does an extremely good act in the movie with a complementing role from Sridevi. Had it not for Yesudas soulful rendition, would we remember the act of Kamal and Sridevi.

7| Shadajne Paya - Tansen

If I said that the above song would not have been matched by anyone else then this one is more powerful. Challenge any singer of today's generation to sing this one. I must say you would win hands down any amount.

If you haven't heard this song then listen this one right now and include it in your list. A wonderful classical song. Can't resist to term this as "Beautiful".

6| Khushiyan hi Khushiyan - Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye

A lyrical masterpiece and see for yourself how Yesudas can lend his voice even to newcomer. His versatility can be gauged by the way he sang songs in so many different languages with perfect accent.

Also, that he has sung songs of various genre: classical, devotional and such as this one. This is one such song that gets into your head and you keep humming it for day and night.

5| Dil Ke Tukde Tukde Karke - Dada

Let me justify one of my previous statement that the Bollywood industry did note used his expertise properly. If Yesudas can sing this song then what is that Yesduas was not considered by music composers in place of Kishore or Rafi.

The question baffles me till date. This sort of sad song picturised on Vinod Mehra trying to convince Bindiya Goswami in a funny way.

4| Jaaneman Jaaneman Tere Do Nayan - Chhoti Si Baat

Again a beautiful and melodious song which becomes more and melodious as the song proceeds. Yeshudas shares the microphone with Aasha Bhonsale to create this magical piece.

This song is composed by Salil Chaudhary and Amol Palekar gives the much needed common man feel to this, which makes more people to connect with song and the film. This is picturised in a such a way that, in actuality the song is played in a cinema hall and Mr. Palekar daydreams the whole scenario in real.

Also, Jaaneman Jaaneman is now one of the most famous words uttered by love birds, isn't it?.

3| Mohabbat Bade Kaam Ki Cheez - Trishul

Though Yesudas has only a few lines in this song but it gives a whole new meaning to the song. The song composed by the legendary Khayyam Sir, written by Salim-Javed, sung by Kishore Kumar, and Lata Mangeshkar along with Yesudas.

Now to throw some light on the song; Yeshudas playbacks on behalf of Amitabh Bachchan, Kishore Kumar playbacks for Shashi Kapoor, and Lata gets in for Hema. On the one hand where Shashi and Lata advocates for Mohabbat Bade Kaam Ki Cheez Hai (Love is very useful), and in opposition Amitabh says Mohabbat Bade Bekaar Ki Cheez Hai (Love is a waste of time).

Whatever you may think, enjoy the song.

2| Chand Jaise Mukhde Pe - Sawan Ko Aane Do

A movie which is till date known for some enchanting songs sung by Yesudas. Arun Govil does a soul-stirring performance and Yeshudas contributes with his voice.

So, you don't remember Arun Govil. The one who played Lord Rama in the famous serial Ramayan directed by Ramanand Sagar. Got it!

Some other songs by Yesudas in this movie:

  1. Bole To Basuri Kahin
  2. Jaanam Jaanam
  3. Teri Tasveer Ko
  4. Tujhe Dekh Kar

1 | Madhuban Khushboo Deta Hai - Sajan Bina Suhagan

Such a deep song. Lyricist Indeewar does a fantastical job of writing this which undoubtedly is his chef-d'oeuvre.

Definitely one of the greatest songs ever.

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