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The 10 Best Youtube Series to Watch

Updated on October 18, 2017

Youtube is like pringles. You can't stop at just one video, you have to have more, so when you log onto Youtube, you probably know you are going to spend hours watching videos. Sometimes it happens on accident. You go on Youtube to research one thing and then you see a related video that sounds interesting in the suggestions. You keep seeing more interesting related videos until you've spent hours on Youtube watching a variety of random things. Other times, it's on purpose, because of the amount of content creators on Youtube now. You know you like a certain person and their videos on youtube, so you log on and search for them, knowing you are going to spend hours watching them.

This list is for people who want to spend hours watching videos on youtube on purpose. It's for people who want to find something cool on youtube and spend hours watching related videos for fun.

This is a list of the ten best series on youtube that you are likely to enjoy if you're looking for something/someone new to watch.

These series are listed in no particular order. I think all of them are just as good as each other.

#1 Buzzfeed Unsolved

This is an ongoing and popular series on youtube made for people who like creepy things. I understand if you're too scared to watch horror movies. I never watch horror movies, they keep me up at night, but these videos aren't as scary as those. They're just creepy enough to horrify you without actually giving you nightmares.

Buzzfeed Unsolved has two men, Shane and Ryan, who talk about spooky unsolved crimes (usually murders) and visit spooky, haunted locations in search of the truth.

The thing that makes these guys stand out compared to other channels similar to this is that they don't sensationalize anything for the camera. They don't pretend to experience something supernatural or try to force it. They genuinely go into these situations, both skeptical and open-minded, trying to find out the truth.

They also both have huge personalities that cause them to fight with each other all the time. Their bickering is hilarious and lessens the tension of these spooky situations, so that you feel like you're exploring these locations or talking about these events with a group of friends.

They're the only people to approach the paranormal with this kind of attitude. You know that if something happens in their videos, they aren't faking it, and they don't even need to "find" ghosts or paranormal stuff to be entertaining. It's one of the most fantastic Youtube shows there is. Once you watch one video, you will be addicted.

#2 Good Mythical Morning: "Will It...?"

There's something about watching people eat gross things that is highly entertaining. There's the shock value of it and the cringing you get from it. Plus sometimes their reactions are hilarious. This series has Rhett and Link eating and doing all kinds of weird and disgusting things.

Rhett and Link are huge internet personalities. They're outgoing. They've always been popular and they're never boring when they talk. Neither of them seems to have much of a filter, although they keep their comments tame enough so that their own kids (who watch the show) won't get their adult jokes when they watch it, but the adults have that extra laugh in there anyway.

Rhett and Link are some of the best Youtubers to watch and this series has some of their best videos in it.

#3 Markiplier: "Five Nights At Freddy's"

This won't be as fun to watch if you've already played the Five Nights At Freddy's games (unless you are looking for a walkthrough, which Markiplier eventually gives you to a mild degree.) If you're too scared to play horror games, like me, on the other hand, these are one of the most fun things to watch ever.

FNAF is a fascinating and creepy game because you're helpless, trapped in a room, and must hide from these creepy animatronic (animal robots) who want to jumpscare you and murder you. The poses they make, the atmosphere of it, it's all so terrifying, which is why these games are so popular. They are unlike any other horror game.

Markiplier has been dubbed, many times, the "King of Five Night's At Freddy's." He usually plays the games before anyone else and he almost always beats them on the hardest mode possible before anyone else. He loves these games and dedicates a lot of his time to mastering them.

But that alone is not what makes him the King of FNAF. It's his reactions to these games: the jumpscares, the way he screams in both rage and fear at different intervals that makes this a must watch series.

#4 Lisa Schwartz: "Two Broken Girls"

The chemistry between these two girls is fantastic. They're obviously good friends and although both of them are beautiful, neither of them tries to pretend they are perfect. Instead, they have both the honesty and confidence enough to talk all about their most embarrassing moments in life and the grossest things they've ever done.

There are a lot of things that people keep private, like if they pick their nose or if they fart too loudly, but these "two broken girls" are willing to share all of that. All of the gross things none of us want to admit to about ourselves, they post on the internet for the world to see.

Because of these things, they make the audience who watches them feel comfortable. Like we're a bunch of friends gathering around and talking about embarrassing secret bodily functions. The comment section on youtube furthers that interaction between audience and youtuber, making this one of the best series that you can watch.

#5 Jack's Films: "Your Grammar Sucks"

Some people go on the internet and write long posts, worried about every word they type and whether or not it's spelled correctly. Then there are other people, who log online, and just barf out random letters or phrases, some full of spelling and grammar mistakes, others not even literate.

Jacksfilms reads those ridiculous comments with their poor grammar and spelling, so we can see how ridiculous they sound if they were read outloud or made into a song. He's called the series "Your Grammar Sucks" and it is comedy gold.

#6 Shane Dawson: "Conspiracy Theories"

Shane Dawson is known for having no filter and making messes in his house (especially while he is cooking something), but a lot of his humor is actually pretty dark. He's had a lot of hard life experiences and his house is haunted, so he loves talking about conspiracy theories and the supernatural. He also enjoys doing creepy rituals, using ouija boards, talking to psychics, and exploring haunted locations. He usually does these things with his friends Drew and Garrett, who both also have loud, hilarious personalities.

Watching Shane Dawson's conspiracy theory and other creepy videos combines both his humor and horror at the same time, which makes all his videos on these topics highly fascinating and entertaining.

#7 Epic Rap Battles Of History

Great music and hilarious insults are what makes "Epic Rap Battles Of History" a fantastic and addicting Youtube show to watch. Votes and comments on the videos are what decides what historical or pop culture figures are going to have a rap battle next. The writers are amazing. The production value is amazing.I didn't even care much for watching any kind of rap battle before this series came out, but it's hard to stop watching familiar figures through out all time insult each other, especially since every video is so well done.

#8 The Guild

A lot of us who spend a lot of time on the internet are nerds and this is an online Youtube series that gets us. If you are a nerd who spends a lot of time online than you've likely played an MMORPG at one point in time and gotten addicted to it. This series explores the type of people who play those games and what it would be like if you could be friends with people in your guild in person to both comedic and dramatic effect.

Felicia Day is a beloved nerdy actress who both stars in and created the show, so you know it will be good and it is. I watched the whole thing fairly quickly.

#9 Grveyard Girl: "Does This Thing Really Work?"

Infomercials usually try to sell us trash that we don't need, but sometimes they create something really cool looking and you get curious. Does it work? Should I buy that? Is it worth it? Will it be fun?

Well, Bunny, aka Graveyard Girl, has her own Youtube channel with a series called "Does This Thing Really Work?" Unlike other Youtubers, who just try things out and make a ridiculous mess of them on purpose to make you laugh, Graveyard girl actually tries out all these products legitimately and puts her best effort into all of them, so we can know whether or not they would be fun to buy or try.

She has an energetic and happy personality that makes the entire experience of her trying these things entertaining rather than boring as well and that's why she makes it to this list. She doesn't have to make a mess to be fun to watch. She's fun to watch no matter what she is doing because of the way she talks and acts.

#10 "Will It Blend?"

This is one of the original series on youtube, back before most content creators existed. He's not as energetic as a lot of the youtubers now, who yell and freak out as they do things. His voice is pretty monotone, but I'd say he was the original guy who did crazy things on youtube just for views. He gave a lot of modern day youtubers the idea to do what they do now.

It's a simple concept. He gets random things and blends them in a blender. It was originally created as a series to advertise a certain blender. But the experiments he does, the weird things he blends and trying to guess what will happen when he blends something else new, was what kept people watching back then. It's still an entertaining series to this day.


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    • JanisaChatte profile image


      15 months ago from Earth

      I personally love "try not to laugh" compilations when I'm on youtube to kill time and also language-related videos. "Will it blend" looks like an interesting series to watch, thanks for sharing!


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