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Best football teams to bet on, Best football players to bet on, great footballing guide to better your odds 2014

Updated on March 18, 2014

Best Teams In The Business

Ok im not claiming this to be a get rich quick scheme, and to be honest i advise against gambling as its not a guarantee return, which in my eyes doesn't make sense as a investment when the odds are 50/50.. but if your hooked and love football like i was and i do then id love to try and help boost your odds of choosing the right team to win.

So lets start with the big boy teams in the premier league, this is claimed to be one of the hardest and fast paced leagues in football and i have to agree


1. Manchester city

2. Chelsea

3. Liverpool

4. Manchester united

5. Arsenal

These are by far the best teams in England who are consistent and are major clubs of the world, they hold fantastic hard working players and have many high ranking international players like frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Yaya Toure, Sergio aguero the list goes on forever , so if your looking for any teams in the English league then these 5 are worth there money,

TIP: I strongly advise backing Manchester city in England they are a fantastic team one of the best in the business

English Team Stats Overview

Manchester City: No doubt have one of the best squads in the world also the money powerhouses

Chelsea: Have a world class manager, very tough team to break down, very well organised

Liverpool: Have a world class striker Luis Suarez, very well organised , have built a strong team

Manchester United: Very successful, have many world class players, very well organised, deadly on the counter

Arsenal: One of the best counter attackers in the football game, very well organised , can beat anybody on there day

Ok lets go over to the big boys in La Liga a very tough league full of technical geniuses hosting some of the best players seen in the game today



2.Real Madrid

3.Athletic Madrid



Spainsh Team Stats Overview

Barcelona: Gods of football, best counter attackers in the business , hold many of the worlds leading stars in football

Real Madrid: One of the leaders in football, hold many of the best players in the world, very strong team

Athletic Madrid: Great manager, fantastic counter attackers, very well organised, hold alot of young stars

Athletic: have a great team spirit, where it lacks quality makes up for there spirit and fightpower

Villarreal: Dangerous on the counter attack, have a world class striker, very well organised

They don't come any stronger than these bad boys in Spain, the major 2 are Barcelona and Real Madrid, to be fair i wouldn't want to put my money against any of them that's for sure, the quality within the squads are immense and in gamblers terms are seen as great investments. they have players capable of turning games on there heads, coming back from 2-3 goals down.. players with amazing talents that can out skill 5 players and steam on at goal and score.

TIP: Barcelona and Real Madrid are by far the best teams, any of the two can be great earners

Lets head over to Germany to the powerhouses of Bundesliga, where teams give 200 percent every game and wear there heart on the sleeves and are very consistent, never-mind the fact they will never fail to excite or impress you with there attitude towards the game.

Bundesliga Teams

1.Bayern Munich


3.Schalke 04

German Team Stats Overview

Bayern Munich: What a powerhouse team, there style is solid, compact and give 200 percent every time, quickly overtaking the big guns

Dortmund: Another powerhouse team very similar to Bayern Munich, they give 200 percent and have the determination to overcome any team

Schalke 04: Great unit, they work like a pack of wolfs stand off then hit you with a deadly counter attack, great team to back in the German scene

What a great footballing nation Germany have turned out to be, lets face it they have produced some of the best players around and they always give 200 percent no matter what, they grind out results stay compact as a unit and they have a great attitude towards the game.

TIP: Bayern Munich have show what a force they are in world football and i would back them everyday of the week, but all 3 of these German teams are the best of there breed and are worth backing

Best Team To Back Overall: Hands down its Bayern Munich look at there stats they go on 20 game unbeaten runs. What a team! .

WARNING: Any team can win on there day so be careful and try and monitor teams forms if your serious about not loosing money on your bet, depending on the situation in the league a big team can come against a relegation fighting team that need the points, and will fight to the death the whole 90 minutes.

Worlds Elite Players

Below are just some of the worlds elite, just some of the amazing football players the world will ever see and also play for the listed clubs above i will be adding more as time goes by, but this will give you great confidence when placing a bet on a team, or maybe so if you fancy having a stab at betting on a player to score in a game..

The Big Guns


Cristiano Ronaldo

Well there's only one word that can describe this man, Fantastic! one of the best the game has seen in a long time he has everything you could ever look for in a player, this is why he pips Messi for me because he is your complete type of player, he is very strong, explosive, he can head and jump, got amazing skills outrageous flair i could go on forever, why do you think Real Madrid paid about 80 million for him from Manchester untied. Since joining Real Madrid he has well earned his money back totalling 136 appearances and scoring 158 goals.

Gods Of football


Lionel Messi

Again a true rare talent of football, a footballing god. In the blink of a eye he can skill 5 players, and hit the back of the net like a Bugatti, the ball just sticks to his feet like glue even running at full speed and that's fast, over the years of watching Messi it has been sad to see how many injures he suffered but in the process the extraordinary football he has produced for us to see has been unbelievable a true gem of the football industry and this truly displays appearing 228 times for Barcelona and scoring a unbelievable 233 goals in the process.

Bite Atch YA

Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez

A true poacher deadly hitman in-front of goal, a real nightmare for defenders he will run them ragged for 90 mins, he has scored glorious goals and again can hit a ball like a Ferrari with extreme precision, his agility is like a cheetah at full stretch and one minute you see him one minute you don't making is nearly impossible for defenders to zonal mark him never mind man mark him, and he can be big trouble having a big reputation for being a plonka ! never the less he has made a Total of 124 appearances and a Total of 76 Goals.

Generals Of The World

Yaya Toure
Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure

Since joining Manchester City he has been there heartbeat and a true leader, sitting right in the spine of there midfield, holding it like his own fort standing at around 6'3 he is a true animal and drives through the midfield like no other play can, hes a monster and can score goals like a machine never mind running back to defend brilliantly, and even leaving the goalkeeper scared to come one on one with him. He is a true general and as Man City's captain is a real inspiration for the team and to watch in action also appearing 124 times for his club and scoring 31 goals.

Power Houses

Roberto lewandowski
Roberto lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski

Not really a big hit until seasons 12/14 but never the less he has always been a powerhouse striker, a complete striker he is as strong as a ox , can drive at defences like a bull, he can finish, jump and head the ball, i can see why Bayern Munich wanted him and got him, im sure it wont be the last you will be hearing from Lewandowski as i think he will be a major threat in the champions league next year. Along the way has made 101 apps and scored 69 times.

How I Learnt About Football

funny enough i got hooked to football manager 2009 when i first discovered it. This truly detailed and realistic game is a wonder not only fun to play but learning so much about football in the process, as the years went on it has developed and now can be played in 3d and basically is right up there with the best simulation games in the world, playing this and watching real life games will show you just how realistic this game is.. Id highly suggest the great fun, its like a drug soon as you get the hang of it you wont turn back being able to go through seasons building a fantastic team, watching them play in every competitive trophy and league available to football, also having a immense detailed training program so you can develop youngsters into world class stars its truly an amazing game. If you love football and are interested in the game then i have filtered through the best prices on eBay and Amazon below.

Football Manager 2014 (commonly abbreviated to FM14) is a football management simulation video game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. It was released on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux on October 30, 2013. A handheld version titled Football Manager Handheld 2014 was released for iOS and Android on November 14, 2013. A PlayStation Vita version titled Football Manager Classic 2014 will be released in the near future.

Just so if you want to do more research on the game before you buy it

Another Source To Buy Football Manager 2014


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