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Best Movies to Watch in 2013 - A List of The Best New Movies to Come Out in 2013

Updated on March 8, 2013

2013 is proving to be an exciting year for new movies, with a great mixture of new movies already released and a great deal more set to come out at the cinemas this year. So weather you are looking for a new movie to watch that is already out or you are having a look to see what films we can expect on our theater screens this year, then take a look at this list of the best movies of 2013.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

The third installment of the Iron Man series see Robert Downey Jr. return yet again to jump into yet another one of his homemade metalic suits full of new gadgets and guns. The first film to come out of the marvel studios after the massive success of 2012's summer smash The Avengers, Iron Man 3 sees a new villain for Iron Man to face: the Mandarin, played by the great Ben Kingsley.

The third installment is headed by a new director to the franchise - Shane Black - but familiar cast members Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, and Jon Favreau return, with the addition of new faces to the franchise Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall. This is sure to be another strong installment in the Iron Man franchise

Released 3 May 2013.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

Anyone who is a fan, like myself, of Guillermo del Toro will no doubt be looking forward to this new sci-fi adventure. The Pan's Labyrinth (2006) director has proved that he is able to make movies that are unlike all others. With Hellboy I & II already under his belt he is a already proved his ability to make engaging and humerus sci-fi movies will offering up plentiful adventure.

Pacific Rim, however, is set on a grander scale of anything he has accomplished before. The narrative follows an alien invasion of earth. The aliens in this case being massive demons who emerge from the darkness of the sea - think of Godzilla then times it by 4 and make it a hell of a lot more angry and ugly. To face this threat giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to save the human race. My bet is that they will

While a simple plot premise, i have high hopes for this new movie and have a sneaking suspicion there will be more to it than seems at first sight. \

Released 12 July 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Life doesn't seem to get any easier for Katniss Everdeen in the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem as she is thrown back into the bloodied arena for the second time, to keep the public happy in the only way the despotic Capitol government seems to know how. Yet not everyone is happy as a rebellion against Capitol rises (maybe there is just not enough on TV other than young ones running around an island trying to kill each other; "its just all people shooting and killing each other, " my Mother would muse). This new aspect to the second film should add more depth to an already exciting scenario (really who doesn't want to see that Mother...) to provide an interesting new plot line to one of surely the best movies of 2013.

And just when everything was seemed to be going so well after winning the first round...

But! that is a good thing for us as we get to see the action and drama unfold for a second time in the Hunger Games trilogy.

Released 22 November 2013

Man of Steel

Zack Snyder is a director who seems to split opinion right down the middle among cinema-goers. His two biggest successes to date: 300 (2006) and Watchmen (2009) seem to either be loved or detested in equal measures, there is very little middle ground.

So if you consider yourself a fan of this very stylistic Direction, like myself, then you will definitely be very excited about the upcoming new take on the Superman franchise. The cast alone is enough to pique interest: Amy Adams, Russel Crowe, Henry Cavill, Laurence Fishburne, and Kevin Costner, an eclectic group to say the least.

Even if you are not a Snyder fan, the inclusion of Christopher Nolan in the project should be enough to convince you that this new film in the superman series holds potential. The man behind the Batman trilogy and one of the best screenwriters around (if you don't believe me then watch Memento) must be enough to draw your interests.

No doubt the film will include the usual plot line of baby comes to earth - raised on farm - lands a job in journalism - bad taste in glasses. There is no need to tell anyone how that goes; but where Nolan and Snyder take the film from there is what makes this new movie such an exciting prospect. I'm sure we will be in for some surprises when it comes out at the cinema.

Released 14 June 2013

Jeff Goldblum in 3D
Jeff Goldblum in 3D

3D Re-releases for 2013

With the new age of 3D cinema becoming an ever more viable cinematic platform - with much thanks to the groundbreaking work of director James Cameron - 2013 sees a number of old classics given a face lift and thrown back out into the world to have another go in the theaters.

Jurassic Park (3D)

As a youngster I must have watch Jurassic Park with wonder about 100 times in the space of a couple of years. Obsessed, i couldn't believe what i saw every time, and every time the ripples in the cup gave me goosebumps as it heralds the arrival and first perception of Spielberg's T-Rex.

Knowing this, im sure you can appreciate my wonder at the re-release of the 1993 classic in 3D. One thing is for sure, i defiantly can wait to see a 3D version of Jeff Goldblum.

Due for release 04.05.13

Top Gun (3D)

Already been re-released in cinemas in the 3D format, the less said about this the better...

Like this list, then why not check out my list of the Best Japanese Animate Movies


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    • AM Hanson profile image

      Adam M. Hanson 

      5 years ago from Mankato, MN

      Out of the movies on this list (almost all of which I'm looking forward to), the one I really can't wait for is Pacific Rim. It looks like it's going to be an amazing movie no matter what. If it's a truly good movie, it'll be enjoyable and fun. If it's a terrible movie, it'll still have giant robots punching out aliens while GLaDOS serves as their AI.


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