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Best of Bhimsen Joshi – Mile Sure Mera Thumhara with Lyrics & Video

Updated on January 30, 2011

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, the recipient of Bharat Ratna in 2008, passes away on 24th January 2011. Bharatratna Bhimsen Joshi was a well known Indian vocalist in the Hindustani classical tradition and is noted for his popular renditions of devotional songs, bhajans, and abhangs (a type of Hindu devotional poetry sung in praise of the Hindu God Vithoba or Vitthala). One of the most noted and recognized performance of Bhimsen Joshi is in the Mile Sur Mera Tumhara music video released in 1985. Miley Sur Mera Tumhara, also known as "Ek Sur" (literal meaning is One Tune) is an Indian song which promotes national integration and unity in diversity. Here is the lyrics of Mile Sure Mera Thumhara along with its video song. 

Mile Sure Mera Thumhara Video Song

Bhimsen Joshi has sung lots of Hindu devotional songs in Hindu, Kannada, and Marathi languages. Of all these songs his Kannada Devotional Bhajans and Marathi Abhangs are most famous. For lyrics of Hindu devotional bhajans check out the Hindu Devotional Blog website.


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