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5 Best Samurai Swords to Buy in 2019: Replica Samurai Swords

Updated on November 11, 2019
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I am Stephen Lei, 4 years of experience in writing about entertainment niche content with background of Mass Communication and News.

When Meiji restoration happens in the late 1800s, samurai lost the legal right to wear their swords in public. Even after this restoration, many families kept their ancestral blades as family treasures up until the end of world war2 but after that Americans forces families to give up all their weapons, including family swords. This policy was revised later, but by then many of weapons had been either given to the American officers as trophies or others are melted and destroyed.

1: Wakizashi:

The antique Wakizashi sword is one of the most famous Samurai swords. These swords are considered to be the shorter version of the Katana swords and are used as an auxiliary sword with Katana swords. It is also used as a weapon for close quarter battles as well as for beheading their crushed rivals. This sword is considered honorary blade as it was used for committing ritual suicides.

The pair of Katana and Wakizashi swords is known as Daisho and was used as an official sign of a samurai when worn together. Wakizashi swords are available in different sizes ranging from 30cm to 60cm. The wakizashi having length closer to the length of Katana is called o-wakizashi whereas the wakizashi having the measurement closer to the tanto sword is called the ko-wakizashi.

Their high-quality carbon steel and its elegant design make them more worthy. In the recent era, it is the most widely used sword in fictional movies and games. Yojimbo a game character in a famous game Final Fantasy X used the wakizashi sword.

2: Onimaru Kunitsuna:

  • The great Onimaru Kunitsuna among the swords family is one the legendary sword of the Japanese which also lies in Japan’s Tenka Goken “Five Swords under Heaven”.
  • This is also called as the “Demon Sword”. This name of the demon sword combined with it due to the usage of this sword in killing the demon or an oni.
  • Kunitsuna is listed among lethal swords with that enough strength.

There is a very famous story of this sword which stated as the Hojo Tokiyoro, the regent of Kamakura, fell ill due to being haunted by the demon. Some old man came in his dream and told him about this sword which is made up of Kunitsuna and in this way he can get rid of the demon. And he did exactly like this and never haunted again.

3: Juzumaru Tsunetsugu:

  • The samurai sword Juzumaru Tsunetsugu is listed among one of the very best and famous samurai sword.
  • This sword is also called as the rosary sword which means (Juzumaru) due to its link with Buddhist reformer Nichiren.
  • This is one of the most lethal, dangerous and strong swords to go for. And it has a special place due to these characteristics.

The reformer was gifted with this sword for protection but he saw it as the symbol of “destroying of inequality”. Are Tsunetsugu who was swordsmith during 13th century credited with constructing the Juzumaru-Tsunetsugu. However these two swords Juzumaru and Tsunetsugu have some differences as compared to their working.

4: Otenta Mitsuyo:

  • This is one of the best samurai swords in Japan as well as around the country.
  • This is the sword which is typically associated with Maeda family but there are many other families and people which themselves called its owners.
  • The Otenta Mitsuyo is the sword which named after Mike Mitsuyo or “great Mitsuyo” who is very credited as the swordsmith.
  • This sword has its own upper place in the family of swords due to its lethalness with plenty of strongness embedded in it.

5: Musashi- Miyamoto sword:

This clay tempered full tang samurai sword, made up with 1060 high carbon steel. This is a hand made blade using the Muku-Kitae method. Black cotton storage bag comes with this sword which has good balance and makes it easy to use. You can have a better grip on this sword due to this cotton wrapping. The underneath ray skin of cotton wrap assists the sword from slipping. It is really rather than expensive katana. Some of its disadvantages are:

  • Initially, Sharpness is not as high as it should be.
  • It may be dinged when cutting due to its thinness.
  • Only one type of steel is used in this sword.

6: Epic Saga the greatest samurai sword:

Honjo Masamune is one of the best swords of its kind which lost due to American’s policy. This sword is made by the Goro Nyudo Masamune who is the famous swordsmiths in Japanese history. The sword was named on the man who made it. In the Battle of Kawanakajima, the general Honjo Shigenaga won the sword from an enemy. At the end of the 16th century, he finally sold the sword to the Toyotomi clan, who is the ruler of Japan at that time. After the clan fallout, the sword was acquired by the next shogun and was passed down through the generations as a national heirloom.

Now there are very few remaining blades and even fewer of them are katanas. After the war, when the Allies began acquiring Japan’s weapons, the sword’s current owner handed it over along the other family swords. The name of the man who took the collection was supposed “Coldy Bimore” although there have never been any records found verifying his existence.

After that, what happened to the famous blade is full of mystery. No one knows if it was one of those that were melted down or it was carried away. This sword has a decorative hamon for audible feedback. There are historians who hope that one-day honjo Masamune might found again. There are following features of this sword,

  • It is made of harder and softer steels.
  • Masamune made this blade using Soshu tradition.
  • There is a wavy pattern in the blade which build due to very high heat.

7: Musha-samurai katana sharp sword:

Musha is a sharp samurai katana sword supplied by the Ace Martial arts. This is made up full tang with 1045 carbon steel. When you swing this sword, it has a decorative Hamon and bo-hi for audible feedback. It has a decent balance within the price ranges. Sometimes it is difficult to make a strong grip due to lack an ito. It has an adequate weight to it, making it good for display or light practice.

It creates greater freedom in practicing stances or forms in martial arts due to the absence of tsuba. Soft and lighter objects such as fruit or branches can easily cut by this sword but harder ones may cause the blade to bend or break as it is not mad for combat. Its handle has no strong grip and can easily split. Moreover, it says can be too tight, making it difficult to sheathe. The most liked features of these swords are:

  • Finishing quality is very good.
  • Ideal for practicing martial art.
  • Full tang with 1045 carbon steel and audible feedback.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Stephen lei


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