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Best ways to license music for my video and films

Updated on June 23, 2010

Music for my video and films

Music for my video
Music for my video

What are the options for getting music for my video or film?

There are many different options I can choose from if I'm looking to get music composed for a video or film project. The first option can be to hire a Film Composer to create a unique score or set of "tones." I can also hire a couple of these film music composers to create samples of tones that I can choose from to use as the music for my video. There are plenty of composers out there that are looking for work and one way to find them is to just Google the term Film Score Composer. Another way to find a film composer is to place an ad on Craigslist. Note that this is the priciest option but can provide great results in music. I may be limited though in final choices and might have to add more time to negotiate the license.

The second option for getting music composed for my film is to use a music licensing firm. A search for royalty free music in Google will bring up pages of sites where music is waiting to be licensed for a small fee. On these sites, songwriters submit their work and it is categorized by many different characteristics to help filmmakers locate songs. Once I find a song that I like, a few clicks and a payment and I have a license to use that song. This is a low price option but requires me to search through many songs until I find the right one. This can be a bit time consuming and stressful. It also doesn't allow for unique songs composed specifically for my project.

The third option is the newest option - crowdsourcing songwriters. A crowdsourcing site allows me to state exactly the type of music I need and even upload samples of my video. Then songwriters around the world compete to create the perfect music for my video. The benefits of this type of system is the contests run quickly (14 days) and I can set the price I'm willing to pay. MusikPitch is a great example of a site that is allowing for crowdsourcing of musicians. Here, setting up the contest is simple and the licensing agreements are all included. This newest way seems to be the easiest system for getting music composed for all my film or video projects without dealing with all the complexities of hiring a composer or searching through licensing firms databases.


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