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Best Black Friday Sale Stores

Updated on January 6, 2013

What Is Black Friday?

Black friday started out as the day right after thanksgiving. As you know, many people start Christmas shopping early these days. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. On this day most stores open early, and have huge sales on products. Black Friday is traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season when people shop for gifts at low prices. Most people get in line very early, so they can get what they want before someone else does. Stores are usually packed on Black Fridays, and some people even make tents at night outside the store so they could be first.

Top 5 Stores To visit On Black Friday


Wal-Mart has some killer sales on Black Friday. They usually start stocking up early, maybe 2 days before Black Friday, but you can't buy the items until Black Friday. The best things Wal-Mart has to offer are usually along the hallways. Wal-Mart also gives great deals on computers, radios, and movies,so always remember to check out the electronics department.


Target also has great sales on Black Friday. Target has some of the best movie sales. They put a lot of new movies out for very low prices, and old movies for even lower prices. If you go to Target check out the movies, and also the clothes they have. Target puts great clothes out for affordable prices, just be sure to go very early or people will get everything.


Radio Shack is great for people who need good electronics for a low price on Black Friday. Radio Shack is an electronics only store so they only have sales on electronics. They occasionally have some toys, and even if they do they almost never have sales on them. They have the best sale on DVD players, and phones. They also lower the prices of DVD player by almost 50 percent!


Yeah for those video game addicts GameStop has great deals on new releases, as well as old ones. One of the best deals is GameStop's buy 2 get 1 free sale. You buy any 3 games and get the cheapest one free. GameStop also lowers the prices of new games by at least 40 percent. That gives you a great price for new releases.


Apple has big sales on their products. Ipods, Ipads, Iphones their all on sale. They give you great deals on expensive products making them affordable. MacBooks or Apple computers are also on sale, and if you want one you are going to have to get in line pretty early, because if the supply is gone then your out of luck.

Black Friday Sale At Wal-Mart


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