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Best Crocodile/Alligator Horror Movies

Updated on September 25, 2014

Best Crocodile/Alligator Horror Movies

Some of the best horror movies are the ones where the killer isn't even human. I think the reason these types of movies can be scary is that there is really no way to even attempt to identify with an animal. You can try to convince yourself that you understand why the animal is doing what it's doing but in the end you aren't sure and that adds to the terror. In this sub-genre of horror movies, called "Creature Features", my favorites are about Crocodiles and Alligators. Here is a list of my top 5

My 5 Picks:

  • Title: ALLIGATOR
  • Release Date: July 2, 1980
  • Run Time: 89 minutes
  • Directed by: Lewis Teague
  • Starring: Robert Forster, Robin Riker
  • About the Movie: This movie took the urban myth of Alligators in the sewers and gave it life on screen. It is old but worth the watch if you are really interested in this genre and where it started.

  • Title: LAKE PLACID
  • Release Date: July 16, 1999
  • Run Time: 82 minutes
  • Directed by: Steve Miner
  • Starring: Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt, Brendan Gleeson, Betty White
  • About the Movie: Lake Placid tells the story of a crocodile that found its way into a lake that should have been otherwise inaccessible and from there started to terrorize the local population. This movie has some great action in it and stars a HUGE crocodile. How many movies show you what a fight between a giant crocodile and a grizzly bear would look like? It also has 2 sequels, Lake Placid 2 and Lake Placid 3 which are worth a watch but neither is as good as the original.

  • Title: PRIMEVAL
  • Release Date: January 12, 2007
  • Run Time: 94 minutes
  • Directed by: Michael Katleman
  • Starring: Dominic Purcell, Orlando Jones, Brooke Langton, Jürgen Prochnow, Gideon Emery
  • About the Movie: Primeval is filmed somewhat like a documentary. The crocodile in this movie is named Gustave and is reportedly responsible for hundreds of deaths along a river in South Africa. A film crew sets off to hunt it down and capture it but the crocodile isn’t their only problem. One of my favorite things about this movie is how it was advertised. The original advertisements made it seem like Gustave was some serial killer with a massive body count.


  • Release Date: April 24, 2008
  • Run Time: 88 minutes
  • Directed by: Andrew Traucki, David Nerlich
  • Starring: Diana Glenn, Maeve Dermody, Andy Rodoreda
  • About the Movie: I liked this movie a lot because the crocodile seemed to be toying with its victims. Moving bodies in and out of their sight so they would panic and lying in wait for them to get near the water. I have to say the idea of being stuck in a tree just a few feet above cloudy water with a hungry crocodile waiting for you is a nightmare.

Title: ROGUE

  • Release Date: April 25, 2008
  • Run Time: 93 minutes
  • Directed by: Greg McLean
  • Starring: Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan, Sam Worthington, John Jarratt
  • About the Movie: This is my favorite of the genre because you can really feel how helpless the people feel. Accidentally stumbling upon the territory of a large and very aggressive crocodile only to find out you cannot get back out without passing said crocodile is about as helpless as it gets. In this movie you get to see some great shots of the big croc as well as its lair!

There are few creatures as frightening, in or out of their natural habitat as Crocodiles. They are powerful, armored, fast, and territorial. There is a reason these predators have survived, unchanged for hundreds of millions of years! Check them out and let me know if you have a good one you think should be listed here!


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    • duppycon2 profile image

      duppycon2 5 years ago from Yuma AZ

      Saw "Black Water", and was pleasantly surprised. Out of the others, I've seen parts of "Lake Placid" several times - just never watched it all the way through.

      I think one reason why crocs and gators are particularly frightening is that you're in danger in the water and at water's edge. After all, you can avoid getting chomped by a shark simply by staying out of the water!

      Nice article, Devan. Voted up!

    • profile image

      northerner 5 years ago

      There was two others I thought was very good;

      Crocodile 2 Death Swamp/Death Roll

      The NBC TV Special Supercroc (not to be confused with a z-grade film of the same name.)

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      I want to see the movie now please

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      I love all the crocodiles movies but i need to see brutal river so bad help me

    • DevanL3791 profile image

      DevanL3791 6 years ago from Denham Springs, LA

      @Disko.Blayde - Thanks very much. I hope you like them as mch as I did!

    • profile image

      disko.blayde 6 years ago from Phoenix

      Thank you for compiling this in depth look at the best crocodile and alligator horror films! I shall have a marathon this weekend!