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Betrayal -- An Irresistible Attraction

Updated on September 30, 2013

Did an illicit passion lead to attempted murder?

The show opens six months in the future after the betrayal has presumably been discovered. Sara Hanley has been shot and she's been rushed in the Emergency Room. A man is holding her hand with a wedding band on his finger. The question is is the man her husband or her lover? And after watching the episode I could think of four people who might have shot her.

We flash six month before this to Sara at home with her husband Drew. They're getting ready for a party and she shows him the tie she bought him, which he rejects for something different. He's not the most affectionate or loving of husbands as he seems more interested in his own career than in his own wife. She seems to get more fulfillment from her photography work than she does from her marriage. They're probably just an average couple who've begun to grow apart.

At the party she steps out on the terrace and meets Jack McAllister, who is also stepping out for a breath of fresh air. As they talk they seem to click. Seeming to realize this needs to be nipped in the bud. She heads back in to Drew and as Jack leaves the party his and Sara's eyes meet.

Jack goes the next day to buy one of her pieces of photography and as luck would have it Sara runs into him and offers to have the piece framed for him. When Sara is going out of town on a photography assignment, Jack shows up at the train station and asks her to spend the day with him. They tell each other a little bit about how they met and married their spouses. Jack says he never has felt a spark like what he feels with her and she says she feels the same way. They get a hotel room to explore the spark.

The only thing that stops them from having sex then is Drew calls Sara up on her cell asking her where their son's giraffe book is. After that, she can't go through it. She and Jack just end up lying on the bed and decide that this thing between them mustn't go any further. However, when Jack drops by Sara's studio wanting to end it better than they did, they finally give into their passion for each other. This time when Drew calls and leaves a message, Sara keeps on making love with Jack.

Jack has a more complicated life than Sara. His parents were killed in possibly the same accident that he saved his brother-in-law TJ from drowning. Afterwards, TJ's father Thatcher and his wife took him in and paid for him to go to school. He ended up marrying Thatcher's daughter, Elaine, who is older than he is and going to work for Thatcher.

When Jack brings up at a board meeting that Thatcher's brother-in-law Lou may be doing something crooked it sets in motion a string of events that will pit Jack and Drew against each other in court.

TJ wants to handle the Uncle Lou situation like a real son would, he tells his father, but Thatcher fires back for him to stay out of it and he needs to know his limitations. While Jack managed to save TJ's life, it seems TJ may have suffered some brain damage as he's a little slow now. TJ doesn't listen to his father and goes to confront his Uncle Lou. It ends up with Lou floating in the river with two gun shot wounds. TJ swears that while he shoved Lou in the water he also helped him out.

Thatcher orders Jack to keep a lid on things and to keep TJ from becoming a person of interest in the investigation of Lou's death. He goes to visit Lou's wife Connie and asks her not to say anything. Unfortunately, TJ spills everyone to a woman named Brandy. So it's no telling which one went to the cops or if they both did.

When Sara returns home from her tryst with Jack, Drew is in an upbeat mood. He believes he's just gotten a case that will make his political career. He reveals he'll be prosecuting TJ for murdering his Uncle Lou. His last piece of news totally devastates Sara when he shows her a picture of Jack and tells her they'll be going up against each other in court, because Jack will be defending TJ in the trial.

I really liked this show. They really push the sex scenes as far as they can on network television. And they take an interesting take on cheating. Drew is a thoughtless husband as exampled by how he casually told Sara the tie she was so excited about buying him he returned for one he liked better, but that seems to be his biggest crime. There's a lot of thoughtless husbands out there. That doesn't mean they deserve to have their wives cheat on them. And Jack seems to have even less reason to cheat on his wife Elaine other than the fact he's never felt a spark like he feels with Sara and he wants to explore it.

Unfortunately in Jack's situation that a very dumb and dangerous thing to do with a father-in-law like Thatcher who could have mob connections. Thatcher's brother-in-law Lou was doing something crooked and betraying Thatcher and now he's dead floating in the river with two gun shot wounds. I don't think TJ did it, but Thatcher could have very well hired someone to do that and his son got caught in the cross fire.

Jack works for Thatcher so he should know what he's like. Just what does he think will happen in Thatcher finds out he cheated on his daughter? Jack could find himself floating in the river or the woman he's cheating with could end up being shot like Sara was at the beginning of the show.

It looks like it's going to be an interesting show, but I'm not sure how they could take it more than one season. This is what I was talking about in my Hostages blog. I really think some shows should just be one season long instead of trying to stretch a show out for multiple seasons. Betrayal has plenty of material for one season, but it could get old after the first season.


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