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Betrayal -- Calm Before The Storm

Updated on November 3, 2013

Can you feel it coming in the air, tonight?

This was the episode where everything started to come to a head, leading to the shooting the series opened with that seems about to happen in next week's episode.

Drew played dumb about the picture he saw on Sara's camera and when Sara learned Jack didn't delete the picture he took of her off her camera she was mightily pissed. Then he got pissed back when he learned she had had a conversation with Elaine. Jack also admitted he loves Elaine, but not in the way he used to and she knows him down to his bones. Then they both asked the million dollar question: Would they ever leave their spouse?

We also continued where we left off with Brandy and Thatcher. The fed listening on her wire comes off as a real Barney Fife. Because Thatcher had music on she couldn't hear what was going on and even when Brandy used the code word to get her out of her, the head fed said to wait and let her stay in there a little bit longer.

Brandy stripped down to her bra and luckily the wire wasn't visible. Then TJ saved her by entering. Brandy could have gotten what the fed wanted when TJ started talking about the new truth, but Brandy kissed him to stop him from talking. He was the one who saved her, not the fed who promised to have her back, so she decided to keep protecting TJ and told the fed to basically go screw herself. The deal was off.

A guy from the garage TJ got a job in was found dead, and he was shot with the gun that killed Uncle Lou. It was the gun he took from the trunk of TJ's car. It helped Jack to get all the charges against TJ dropped, which just infuriated an already infuriated Drew.

Drew printed out the nudie picture of Sara and was on the hunt most of the hour to figure out where it was taken in. He was within minutes of catching Jack and Sara in their little love nest.

Thatcher was making noises about putting a hit out on Brandy and Jack was trying to talk him out of it. He dropped by Brandy's to try and pressure her and TJ was there and attacked Jack. Then TJ accused Jack of always being jealous of him and being to blame for the accident that caused him to become brain damaged.

Jack went back to his and Sara's love nest and wrecked the place. Sara, who couldn't find her phone and thought she might have left it there, found Jack in the bedroom sitting on the floor with his hand bleeding. Jack poured out what happened the night TJ got hurt. Everyone thanked Jack for saving TJ, but it was Jack who had been driving. Sara comforts Jack in bed, while Drew finally tracked down the building the picture of her was taken in. He finally found the right apartment right after Jack and Sara had left. But he didn't miss the rumpled sheets on the bed. I wonder if the sheets were still warm from their latest tryst.

Drew also spotted a bloody hanky on the floor from where Jack cut his hand. That would end up being the crucial piece of evidence that clued Drew in to just who Sara was screwing behind his back.

Sara actually had a brief window of opportunity to tell Drew the truth. Drew had her phone and saw a text from someone named Greg. He tracked Sara and Greg down into what appeared to be an intimate assignation. Then Sara revealed Greg was going to feature him in a magazine story and Greg revealed he was gay.

Drew felt horrible about thinking Sara was cheating on her and told her about the picture he saw on her camera. She lied right to his face about how the picture was innocent. Then Drew had his final face-off with Jack in court where charges against TJ were dropped.

After the case was over Jack made the mistake of telling Thatcher he quit. After Jack walked out, Thatcher told TJ no one quits working for him. It's like I said. Jack's married to the mob and the stuff he's doing is just plain stupid. The only way you quit the mob is by being taken away in a body bag.

In the hall Jack offers Drew his hand in a gesture of no hard feelings about losing his case. Considering he's also screwing his wife that took a lot of nerve. That's when Drew notices the cut on Jack's hand and starts putting it all together. The clincher is when Jack calls up Sara's phone and it starts ringing in Drew's jacket. He takes it out and sees Jack identified in the caller ID. As the phone continues to ring in Drew's hand Jack glances over at Drew, the smile is wiped off his face and he realizes in horror that he's just been busted.

With the crazy look in Drew's eyes, Jack better start running.

This was the best episode of the series, so far. It started out slow and it took time to build to this moment. Now all hell is about to break loose.

Previews for next week show Drew isn't going to keep his discovery to himself. Not only does he confront his cheating wife, he goes to Elaine and tells her where her husband has been parking his hockey stick. And Elaine goes to daddy he vows he's going to take care of this.

I've been saying this from the get-go. Jack was insane to start cheating on a mobster's daughter. He's seen and knows what Thatcher is capable of. Does he really think he won't turn on him for betraying his daughter?

Anyway, next week the storm will be breaking free and engulfing everyone in its path. The question is who will survive the fall-out and how changed will their lives be when this is all over?


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