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Betrayal -- Jack Rejects Carsten's Hand Of Friendship

Updated on December 30, 2013

And Carsten's going to make him pay for it

Jack is not a very smart boy. And he keeps on proving it. Sometimes he comes off as the brain damaged one more than TJ does. He totally doesn't think he'll face any consequences from Thatcher for betraying him when he's seen the stuff Thatcher does to those who do betray him. And when Thatcher wants to make nice with you after what you've done, you should make nice with him instead of spitting in his face.

Speaking of TJ, he quit working at the garage and is working back for his father, only Carsten won't let him do anything. TJ starts playing Russian Roulette with his meds and takes them all. He comes into Carsten's meeting and promptly keels over. Carsten calls the doctor but won't let him take TJ to the hospital. Carsten also reminds the doctor he said TJ might get better. But this appears to be as good as it's ever going to get.

TJ swears when he comes out of it it was just an accident, which is wasn't. He's been pretty self-destructive since Brandy's death. TJ admits to Carsten he misses Jack and wonders if he's ever going to come back, and Carsten says Jack is gone for good.

Meanwhile, Elaine is enjoying her new relationship with Aidan to the point she takes off her wedding ring. However, she might not be enjoying it if she knew he was a fed. Seems he really cares for Elaine and tries to get his handler to let him off the case, but she won't do it.

Showing how intelligent these people are they [posing as cops] pull Elaine and Aidan over on trumped up charges are rough them up. Which only succeeded in arousing Elaine's suspicions. Really dumb move. No wonder they can't take Thatcher down.

Meanwhile Drew serves Sara with divorce papers and she doesn't seem to take it too badly. Jack suggests they go away together for a little holiday. Like last time they went away on Jack's boat, the couple meet up with a bunch of people who think they're a couple. They end up going to a wedding. But it seems there's one person who knows who they are.

Aidan's handler is stalking Jack wanting him to turn on Carsten and tell what he knows. She gets him to meet him in private to make her pitch to him, but he shoots her down. Little does he know that Sara sees him meeting the woman on the sly and then he lies about it. Hopefully, she doesn't think he's sexing the woman up as that would be crazy. But it does reveal at heart Sara doesn't trust Jack. She confronts him about the woman and he finally tells her what's going on.

When they get back to town, Carsten comes to see Jack extending a hand of friendship that Jack foolishly slaps away. He basically tells Thatcher he won't rat him out to the feds but he also wants nothing to do with him and won't come back to work for him. Bad mistake.

Meanwhile Drew's still got that monkey on his back to find the goods to bring down Thatcher and make a big name for himself. TJ's boss finally tells Drew that TJ had the gun in the trunk of his car that killed Uncle Lou. When Drew goes to confront Thatcher about what he knows, Thatcher throws Jack under the bus. He says Jack was the one who killed Uncle Lou and that he's framing TJ for it.

Like I said, Jack was stupid to not take Thatcher's offer up. He knows what the man is. He's seen what the man does to people that cross him. He can't be stupid enough to think Thatcher won't do something to him, as well. Does he think it's because Thatcher thinks of him as family? Well, you spit in your family's face, Jack, so why should they consider you family any longer. It's why I've been saying for weeks that Jack is just too dumb. And the thing is, there's no excuse for it. It would be one thing if Jack didn't know what Thatcher was capable of, but he was right there during Thatcher's nail gun incident. Hey, Jack! The gun on the ground, he could be you!

Anyway, Thatcher has just dropped a golden egg of opportunity in Drew's lap to get revenge on the guy that made him a cuckold and stole his wife from him. The question is will he take the bait? I'm sure Thatcher is hoping he does. This will definitely be a test to show just what Drew is made of.


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