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Betrayal -- Let's Make A Deal

Updated on January 8, 2014

Sara takes a trip down memory lane

Sara spent the first part of this episode waiting to see Jack who was refusing to see her while he was cooling his heels in jail. Adding insult to injury was he agreed to see Elaine the minute she came to see him. When he finally agreed to see Sara and she told him he couldn't have killed Lou because he was with her, he tried to make her think she was confused.

This leads Sara on a journey to find proof to clear Jack and prove he was with her at the time of Lou's murder. She talks to everyone that might have seen her with Jack and no one remembers. Jack even signed the motel registry as John Doe. But finally she finds proof and returns to Jack.

Faced with incontrovertible proof he couldn't possibly have killed Uncle Lou, Jack says he gave her a present for her birthday and it's back at her loft. It'll explain why he's doing it. She goes to her loft and finds a picture of Jack and his son Vic and realizes he's doing this to protect her son.

Okay, pause. I'm sorry, but this is Jack and Sara's first birthday together and he doesn't go out and buy her something nice? Instead he gives him a picture of himself with his son? What's his daughter? Chopped liver. And why not just a picture of himself. Really bad way for Sara to figure out what Jack was doing.

Sara got put out when Drew didn't want to wear the tie she bought her. Shouldn't giving Sara a picture of him and his son amounted to the same thing. Wouldn't a more appropriate first birthday present have been something to do with her photography. Maybe a new lens or something of that ilk?

I always think it's such a cheap gift to give a picture of yourself. You really put a lot of thought into that one. Oh, look, there's a picture of me. Here you go. Happy Birthday. And it wasn't just a picture of Jack, it was one of Jack and his son. A kid Sara has never even met before.

Rant over. Back to the recap.

While Sara was off playing detective, Jack hired himself a lawyer named Violet. It looked like Jack had made a big mistake when it turned out Violet used to be Thatcher's lover. But she proved herself not swayed by Thatcher and told him to get his foot off Jack's neck or she'd come after him. While Thatcher was trying to pressure Drew to charge Jack with murder one in hopes of getting a free pass for all his crimes committed for giving Drew the info to put Jack away.

Violet also has a few choice words for Drew. That being when he rediscovers his integrity to give her a call. Drew still hasn't discovered his integrity and wants his revenge for being a cuckold even though Sara shows him proof Jack was with her and couldn't have killed Lou. He won't do the right thing until Sara agrees to break up with Jack.

He then offers Jack an offer to turn against Thatcher for his freedom, but when they're alone he makes sure Jack knows Sara betrayed him by telling him Vic killed Lou and threatens to go after his son if he leaves anything about Thatcher out.

Jack is angry when he's released and sees Sara. He confronts her about betraying him. Then she lowers the boom on him by dumping him and not revealing that was the price Drew demanded for doing the right thing.

On the McAllister home front, the twins have totally switched their opinion of their father. Val is trashing Jack for killing Uncle Lou, while Vic is defending their father. He finally cracks and tells a horrified Elaine the truth of how Uncle Lou really died.

He drove TJ to the docks to talk to Uncle Lou and things quickly got out of hand. Lou and TJ started to get in a physical fight and Vic ended up with a gun in his hands and shot Lou to stop him for hurting him or TJ.

When TJ is called over, he urges Vic to keep quiet, while Vic wants to come forward and tell the truth. But TJ is convinced Jack has a plan and everything will work out in the end.

I thought this episode did a lot to add some much needed depth to Jack and Sara's relationship. Seeing Sara not believing Jack killed Uncle Lou and trying hard to find evidence to clear her lover. Not to mention agreeing to give Jack up in exchange for his freedom gave the pairing a lot of depth. The question is will Jack just accept it's over between them and let her go. Will he move back home and try to pick up the pieces of his shattered family?

Just what will Thatcher do when he learns Jack has turned on him? There's a reason mobsters who turn on the big boss have to go into the Witness Protection Program. Just because Thatcher is in jail, that doesn't mean he won't still have the power to send someone after Jack. Is that perhaps how Sara ends up getting shot?

As for Drew, everything seems to be going his way. He found a way to get Sara to let go of Jack. And he's going to get credit for taking down Thatcher Carsten. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to suck Sara back into their old life. But deep down will be the knowledge that Sara only gave up Jack to save him which shows she loves Jack more than she ever loved him. And Sara will always feel some level of resentment because she had to cut a deal with Drew to get him to do the right thing. So even if he thinks he's won, he may well end up the loser in the end.


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