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Betrayal -- Sara Is A Little Out Of Control

Updated on October 28, 2013

Jack's love is changing Sara

Sara's affair with Jack seems to be affecting her and she's no longer quiet Sara. She's outspoken to the point she publicly takes on an author she's working for and basically calls her out on being a hypocrite. She also drops by Elaine's restaurant and manages to have a little tete a tete with her. Something tells me Jack wouldn't be thrilled by that if he discovered that.

During her latest tryst with Jack, Sara tells him she loves him, but he doesn't say it back. So it's no longer just about lust. She's a woman in love. Jack takes a picture of naked Sara in bed and it's something that by the end of the show that's going to bite our two adulterers right in their backsides.

Meanwhile Elaine is being pursued by a much younger man named Aiden. At first, she decides to avoid him since she's a married woman and there's no need to tempt fate. But when she can't get Jack on the phone. [He's rolling in the sheets with his lover.] She decides to spend some time with him,. When Jack finally comes home for dinner she tells him about it.

Drew and the fed are listening on the illegally planted bug when Karsten orders Jack to handle an illegal shipment. Luckily the guy at the warehouse warn him they're being watched and he stops anything illegal from happening. Then Drew makes a comment to Sara about something Elaine says to Jack and Sara repeats it to Jack so Jack is able to figure out where the bug is planted and to destroy it. By the time Drew and the feds arrive at Karsten's business to find some proof of their illegal activities, Jack and Thatcher have destroyed all evidence of any wrongdoings.

Jack has more trouble on the home front when the father of the boy Vic took a bat to comes and confronts Jack. Jack has him thrown out but later goes to visit him and gets punched by the man. Jack returns home and takes all of Vic's toys from him until he tells the truth and admits what he did. He also gives him a lecture on being an honest person who can look at himself in the mirror to a dishonest one who can bear to look at themselves in the mirror. Is that how Jack feels about himself? That he can't bear to look at himself in the mirror, cause he's pretty much lying to everyone.

Meanwhile TJ is enjoying his job at the garage until Thatcher shows up and puts him down and says they're only employing him because he's a Karsten. TJ later returns begging to be allowed to work there, because he doesn't intend to let his father push him around any more.

Drew decides that since they can't get Thatcher on anything maybe they can try to pin witness tampering on him. So he goes back to harassing Brandy, wanting her to wear a wire. Brandy, however, shames Drew into backing off her by saying he acts like he's such a nice guy, but he isn't.

Unfortunately, his fed partner decides not to wait and gets Brandy to wear the wire right away. Turns out it's a bad mistake and when Brandy tries to hit up Thatcher for money for lying for TJ and giving him an alibi, Thatcher seems to get on to her. He doesn't say anything incriminating and turns the tables on Brandy by telling her to take her clothes off. That's something she can't do, otherwise Thatcher will spot her wire.

Seriously, isn't what the feds are doing called entrapment? I doubt they even got a judge to sign off on bugging Thatcher's house, or they wouldn't have needed some civilian to go in there and plant the bug for them. And how did they get warrants to stake out Karsten's warehouse and to do a search and seizure of the files at Karsten's business. Surely not on the weight of their illegally planted bug? And now they're trying to entrap him with a hooker to try and get the dirt on him. Is any of this stuff even legal that they're doing? Wouldn't a good lawyer be able to get it all thrown out in a court of law?

Sara it out with Drew at a political function when Jack texts Sara that he loves her and she kind of has a freak out in the middle of a party. She sees a yellow balloon that reminds her of a photo of her and Drew and everything takes on a yellow tint. She has to run out of the restaurant. When Drew finds her outside she asks to go home, where she apparently throws up. This girl really doesn't seem like she's wrapped too tightly. Are we sure she doesn't try to shoot herself instead of someone else shooting her?

While she's in the show, Drew says he's going to go through Sara's camera to look at some photos their son took. Drew goes back too far and see the nude photo Jack took of Sara in bed and let's say it doesn't take too long for Drew to put it all together and realize he's starring in Unfaithful and he's playing the Richard Gere role.

I really enjoyed this episode except for the Jack and Sara portion of it. I actually like Jack with his family. I just don't see this attraction he supposedly shares to Sara that's so irresistible that he can't resist it. I actually like him with Elaine better. He even seems like he loves her and they have a good marriage. It's not like Drew and Sara who seem to have a real crappy marriage. The affair just seems to be the weakest part of the show.

Maybe they needed to build it up more before they fell into bed together. Maybe then it would seem more believable.


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