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Betrayal -- The Blame Game

Updated on October 7, 2013

Will TJ get arrested for Uncle Lou's murder?

I really want to like this show, but I'm not sure I do. Jack and Sara are not very likable. And I'm having a heck of a time telling Drew and Jack apart. Right now the two most likable and best characters on the show are Elaine and TJ.

Right now it's kind of hard to understand just what draws the two together so much. Jack and Drew are almost physically identical. The opening scene had a dark-haired man running through the streets and I couldn't tell which one it was. It took me quite some time to figure out it's Jack. Seriously, would you really cheat on your husband with a guy that looks just like him? Maybe if you're really in love with your husband and looking for a version of him.that actually pays attention to you.

Jack seems to have less reason to cheat than Sara as Elaine seems like a loving and attentive wife, unlike Drew who comes off as a thoughtless husband more into his career than he is his wife. It seems Jack's only reason is Sara makes his pants tent. Okay, Sara is pretty enough when she takes the effort to dress up but 95% of the time she runs around in dumpy clothes and wears her hair in an unbrushed pony tail. Hardly the most alluring creature when you've got a wife that's actually prettier than she is.

Anyway, Sara luxuriates in her bath looking like she's getting off on reliving her tryst with Jack. She mixes it with a bit of guilty. Although you can't tell she regrets it when she's around Drew asking for her shampoo like she's as innocent as a new born babe. After her bath, she decides to burn the underwear she was wearing when she screwed Jack. Sorry, honey, that's not going to undo what you did.

Next she's does so Internet research on Jack. Perhaps she should have thought of that before getting naked with him. I don't think she's the most intelligent of creatures as she comes up with this whole scenario that Jack seduced her to get TJ off the hook from a murder charge. Not in any sort of rudimentary way does this make any sense. So you want to get your client off the hook, so you screw the prosecutor's wife? Wouldn't that make him a big angry and to want revenge against you by putting your client in jail instead of giving them a get out of jail free card? And it's not like she even has any influence over her husband. She couldn't even get him to wear the tie she bought him.

It just made her seem like she was trying to play the blame game and pass the buck. By claiming Jack manipulated her, that makes her some innocent victim. When, if I recall correctly, she was the one who grabbed Jack and started kissing him.

So the affair that's supposed to be the centerpiece of the show, is actually kind of the least interesting story on the show. It doesn't help when they showed Elaine getting romantic with Jack and she seems to have more sexual chemistry with him than The Spark Sara does. The only sour note in their marriage seems to be that she doesn't like Jack working for her father and she doesn't want to know what he does for her father.

It turns out that Brandy didn't rat out TJ. She calls Thatcher to tell him TJ is at the club. I was trying to recall where I saw the actress that plays Brandy and I think she played on 666 Park Avenue as the seductive neighbor in the other building tempting the husband/writer into having an affair with her. Bizarre coincidence. Anyway, she tries to help Thatcher and Jack coach TJ on what to say to the police to give himself an alibi so he won't be arrested by the police.

Thatcher doesn't think TJ has the brains to pull it off. But he surprises his father by doing it. Thatcher tells TJ he thinks he's been underestimating him and maybe it's time to give him more responsibilities. It seems like because of TJ's brain injury Thatcher has come to treat Jack more as his son than his own son.

Unfortunately, Drew is pinning his political aspirations on convicting TJ for Uncle Lou's murder. When an FBI agent visits him, it gives him the impetus to go to Aunt Connie and convince her to turn over on TJ, which she apparently does, as TJ is arrested for Uncle Lou's murder. He makes it even worse for himself when he tries to escape and attacks the police who come to arrest him.

Meanwhile, Jack tracks down Sara to try and convince her that she's wrong about him. That he didn't manipulate her into having sex with him. He asks her to meet him later so they can end things on a better note. His says if she doesn't show up he won't bother her again. Let's see if he sticks to that. Sara is shown getting all dressed up, but she goes to meet Drew and their son, leaving Jack high and dry.

I actually liked the Jack and Elaine scenes better than the Jack and Sara scenes. I liked the dynamics of their family and Elaine and Jack fooling around. Although I couldn't really tell if Jack was into the couch sex with Elaine. I even found myself wishing the affair was actually between Drew and Elaine. They met and got into it because he's trying to pin Uncle Lou's murder on her brother.

I just found out this is a limited-run series. Hopefully, ABC will stick to that, as well as air all the episodes of this one season show. The problems that exist in the Jack and Sara can be ignored with a one-season show. It doesn't really matter that their attraction to each other doesn't really make sense when you start to think about it.


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