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Betrayal -- The Finale

Updated on January 19, 2014

A satisfying ending for the most part

Of all the one season shows that premiered this season, Betrayal is the only one that seemed to embrace the genre. It was also the only show that got better as it went along. Unfortunately, I don't think viewers grasp what a one-season show means as they keep going on about there being another season. A one season show is a stand alone who that has a beginning, middle and end that all occurs in one season. And in my opinion it was the only show to successfully pull it off. Hostages was atrocious and I couldn't even get through an entire episode of Dracula.

For the people who predicted that Vic was the one who shot Sara, you were right. I thought with his giant case of the guilts for shooting Uncle Lou that it couldn't possibly be him. But when Thatcher said Sara was the cause of all the problems, that's what set the whole thing into motion.

Meanwhile it wasn't Jack or Drew that was holding Sara's hand as she was rushed to the hospital, but a doctor. She imagined it was Jack or Drew holding her hand. I couldn't tell which it was because the actors look too much alike. Why they cast Drew with an actor that looks so much like Stuart Townsend is beyond me.

Jack came by the hospital to see her but saw her holding Drew's hand and he left and never returned.

Thatcher was told he'd been indicted and arrested soon. So he went about trying to make amends. He visited Elaine, but she said she wanted nothing more to do with him. He visited Vic and apologized, saying he taught him the wrong things. He also tried to make amends with Jack, but Jack wanted no part of him, especially now he knew Thatcher was indirectly behind his parents' deaths and that's why he took him in.

In the end, TJ was the only one who still loved him. When the police came to arrest him he put on a record of his first love and shot himself. Strangely in death Thatcher finally got Elaine back. She gave his eulogy saying she forgave him and that when it all came down to it all we had is our children as our legacy.

Proving what a weasel Drew truly was he stole the words from Elaine's eulogy for her father as a campaign speech for his run for office. Sara drifted back to her old life with Drew and Oliver. I imagine they were also screwing each other, as she played campaign wife. Then she saw Jack and started sniffing around him, again, while Jack did what he should have done at the start of this mess, and walked away from her.

Jack went to work helping people and he seemed to spend time being a better father than he was before this all happened. He seemed to feel it was he who failed Vic and was the ultimate reason he ended up in prison for shooting Sara. He also seemed determined not to start things up with Sara again.

Thatcher left TJ a letter telling him about his first love and that her daughter was also his daughter. He got Elaine to go with him to meet her and to agree to sign over half his trust fund to her. Then he told Elaine he was going to San Francisco to start a new life and asked Elaine to let him go. He wanted to see what he could make of his life and stop letting his accident define who he was. Though it was hard, she let him go.

Val wanted to intern in the office Jack was working in and said she also wanted to take a year off to travel with Jules who she loves. Jack seemed to have spent his time away from Sara repairing his relationship with his daughter.

While all the other stories were wrapped up, one was left open-ended. Sara sat in a restaurant thinking of both Jack and Drew then she smiled when some unseen man came to join her for dinner. So who she ended up with is left to the viewer to decide. Me, I ended up not caring in the least.

My problem with the Sara character is she never really suffered any consequences for her actions. Jack's whole life was up-ended. He ruined his relationship with his surrogate father, he broke up his marriage, he lost his son and he had to start his life over from scratch. Compare that to Sara who didn't lose one damned thing.

For me the two weakest characters in the show were Sara and Drew. Drew was more a caricature than a believable character. He didn't react in a believable fashion when a man found out his wife was cheating on him. He seemed to take to heart Thatcher's lie that Jack seduced poor innocent Sara and held on to that fantasy with both hands and blamed Jack for everything so he wouldn't have to lose his wife and face up to the fact she willingly betrayed him with another man.

Of the two cheaters, Jack seemed to learn from the experience, as he walked away from Sara several times. Sara didn't seem to learn anything, but then why should she, since she suffered no consequences. If Jack hadn't walked away she seemed to be more than willing to start the whole thing all over again. Sara also never really seemed to least bit sorry for cheating. She was the one sour note in the series.

Anyway, I hope the network will try more one season shows. I thought all the stories were wrapped up well. Yeah, they didn't show who Sara ended up with, but by that point I honestly didn't care. I don't feel she had any emotional or character growth from the whole thing the way Jack did, so whomever ends up with her kinds of ends up the loser. This way I can pretend it wasn't Jack.


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