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Betrayal -- The Truth Is Out

Updated on November 11, 2013

TJ seals Brandy's fate

The truth about the affair finally hits the fan and neither of the adulterers really apologizes or seems sorry for what they did.

Drew toyed with Sarah a little bit before lowering the boom on her and letting her know he knows what she's been doing. He also wanted details of when it started and where she did it. Like did you do him in our bed? Then he finally tossed her out the door.

Jack was waiting for her at her studio and she told him to go away. He went home to Elaine and told her he quit working for her father. Elaine was over the moon and wanted her, Jack and the kids to relocated somewhere far away. It looked like for a second Jack would tell Elaine about his affair, but he chickened out in the end.

Then Drew dropped by and it looked like he would tell Elaine the truth about her husband screwing his wife. But he chickened out, as well. I was disappointed that he didn't tell. He didn't like being cheated on and being made a fool of, so he should have spared Elaine of having the same thing done to her.

At work, he got in trouble for his zealous pursuit of the Carsten case and was told to stay away from it. So he secretly photographed all the evidence in the file to work on it in his own time. Then he dropped by the garage TJ is working at to ask about the guy who worked there that was killed and blamed for killing Uncle Lou. Later, as he's burning the things in the file after Sara made Drew feel it's his fault she cheated, he notices the car in the photos looks just like the car that was up on the jack. Seems Drew may have found what he needed to nail TJ, after all, since the gun the guy took that linked him to Uncle Lou's murder he took from the trunk of TJ's car. And he may have another nail to pound in the Carsten coffin when he learns about Brandy.

TJ tells Brandy he wants to marry her, but she tells him his father will never allow it. So TJ goes to see Thatcher to declare he's going to marrying Brandy. Brandy tells TJ that she's a mole for the feds and a hooker, but TJ won't listen and says he's sorry Thatcher is his father. Then Thatcher comments the best thing that could happen is if Brandy were to just disappear.

Unfortunately, he said it in front of a chimp that's trying to ingratiate himself with Thatcher. The instant the photographer that blackmailed Jack into putting a good word in for him with Thatcher learned Jack had quit his job he'd been trying to let Thatcher let him fill Jack's shoes. As part as his campaign to impress Thatcher is to show him the pictures of Jack and Sara he took, but didn't show to Thatcher.

I thought that was beyond dumb. He should have brought them to Thatcher. That, in itself, kind of proves he can't be trusted. I'm surprised Thatcher didn't go for his jugular for his first loyalty not being to him.

So hearing what Thatcher said about Brandy the chimp goes to take care of her to show Thatcher just how much he needs him. He tells Brandy that Thatcher is giving her money to leave town and asks if they can share a drink together. I was actually hoping the chimp was telling the truth, but he put something in Brandy's drink to make her pass out.
Then he took her clothes off and put her in the tub to make it look like Brandy drowned in the tub, accidentally.

I kept thinking through the whole thing what is going to happen to her poor little girl. She's in a foreign country with no family around. All Brandy wanted to do was to make a good life for her child and now she's been murdered by some chimp trying to impress the big boss hoping to get a pat on the head. It's really very sad.

Jack finally ponies up and tells Elaine he's been cheating on her. She notices he's not saying how sorry he is for what he did or that he loves her and it was a mistake. Then she realizes he hung his mistresses picture on their living wall and goes ballistic. She smashes it. When the kids come in she makes Jack tell them what he did. His daughter gets it in one that he's been cheating on her mother.

Sara goes to her screw-up sister hoping to get validation and approval for her affair and doesn't get it. She tells her that the ones she has hurt will never forgive her. It seems Sara has always resented the fact that her sister has gotten more attention from their parents than she did because of all her problems.

Thatcher goes and comforts Elaine. Then Elaine seeks comfort of a different kind from Aiden the wine guy as she takes him down in the backroom. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Jack goes back to Sara's loft and she has him come in and spend the night. They don't have sex, this time. He says he's made so many mistakes he doesn't know what to do. Earlier, she had explained to Drew that she felt she'd become nothing but an accessory to him and not a real person anymore and that's why she cheated.

So, two families lives lay in a shambles. Elaine has decided to stoop to Jack's level, while Drew seems to want revenge on the Carsten family because Jack screwed his wife.

Strangely enough, I found the TJ/Brandy story more interesting that the adultery story. The episode ended with TJ knocking at Brandy's door while she lies dead in the tub. Again, I wonder what will happen to her child. Will Thatcher thank the chimp for what he did, or will the chimp's efforts to impress end up costing Thatcher his freedom when he gets blamed for something he didn't even order.


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