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Betrayal -- Who Shot Sara?

Updated on January 16, 2014

Thatcher puts a hit out on Jack

The moment had finally arrived where we see how Sara got shot. It was the moment that opened the show. And it still managed to be shocking, because of how it played out.

The episode began with Jack testifying against Thatcher at the grand jury. I can't really feel sorry for the old boy, as he tried to set Jack up and get himself an immunity from prosecution deal in the bargain.

I guess the writers aren't familiar with writing mob stories, because Jack seems to be the only one concerned that if Thatcher doesn't get a long stretch in prison he'll come after all of them. Neither Drew or the fed seem to think Thatcher is a threat any longer. And even Jack's view is limited. Getting a long stretch isn't going to guarantee Jack is safe from him. That's why people who testify against the mob have to go into the Witness Protection Program. Because even behind bars the mob can get you.

Drew doesn't get it until his beloved betraying Sara gets threatened. She comes to her loft and finds it ransacked with a knife stuck in a picture of her and Jack with the words, "Make him shut up." Drew immediately uses that as an excuse to have her move back home. And before you can say, "Bob's your uncle," he's sticking Mr. Willy inside her and they're having couch sex.

Sara has big time regrets the morning after and slips back on the couch so Ollie won't think they're back together. I seriously can't get the Drew character.

He offered to take her back after the cheating was discovered and she chose Jack. He only got her to dump Jack because it was the only way he'd do his job and consider the evidence that Sara brought him that proved Jack was innocent of the crime he was accused of. Yet the first chance he gets he gets into Sara's panties when it's just rebound sex because Sara apparently has a hard time being alone.

The closest thing I can come up with is he's blaming it all on Jack and giving Sara a total free pass for her cheating. That in his mind it's almost like Jack forced himself on Sara against her will and she's totally blameless in the cheating. And this seems to bear out when you consider the way Drew acted when he saw a picture of Jack caressing Sara's cheek. He doesn't say boo to Sara for not pulling away and rejecting Jack, while he jumps Jack and tries to beat him up.

But ultimately he doesn't trust her. If he did, he wouldn't have needed to put in the divorce agreement that if she gets back together with Jack she'll lose custody rights to her son. Seems he suspects that once Jack is free of all charges Sara might go back on her word and get back together with him, so he drew up a legal document to prevent that from happening.

Or maybe it's all about winning. He gets to take down Thatcher and he takes Sara back from Jack. Still, he comes off as a pathetic loser when it comes to Sara. Hey, Drew, Jack didn't force Sara to have sex with him. She loved every freaking minute of it.

Thatcher, meanwhile, is trying to save his bacon. With Jack talking it could mean the end of him. When the trashing of Sara's loft and the picture with the warning on it doesn't net the benefits he was hoping for, he contacts a dirty cop to put a hit out on someone. The question is [which the writers played it cleverly] was was it Jack or Sara?

It seemed to be Sara when Thatcher found Vic and TJ together and Vic was feeling guilty about shooting Uncle Lou. He said none of it was Vic's fault, it was all Sara's fault. Everything was perfect until that woman came into Jack's life.

Earlier, Jack and Elaine had been keeping from Val the truth about Vic. But when she wouldn't let it go, Vic told her he was the one who shot Lou. Needless to say the way she reacted proved they were right in not telling her anything. She treated her brother like he was a monster, increasing the guilt he was feeling, as she packed her things and moved in with Jules.

Sara's reporter friend told Jack he could find absolutely no records on his parents accident. Could Thatcher have had them killed? He also persuaded Jack to go over and see Sara at her showing because he knew the real reason Sara dumped him and told Jack things aren't what they seem.

It appeared that's where Jack was heading as the scene kept switching from Jack and Sara as the hit man got ready to make his move. It was something of a shock when it was Jack who got shot. The overwhelming question is then how does Sara get shot? And would Jack and Sara both die and be together that way?

It turned out it was all a set-up. The crooked cop knowing Thatcher was toast had been wearing a wire when Thatcher put the hit out on Jack. And Jack was wearing a vest so he didn't get hurt, at all. Once the scam was over Jack headed to Sara's showing.

It turned out it wasn't over. As Jack looked around for Sara, someone wearing baggy jeans approached her and shot her down. Of course the question remains of just who it was.

Could it be Thatcher, TJ or Vic, since Thatcher told them everything that had gone wrong was all Sara's fault? Could it be Elaine? I don't know why, but for someone reason I think it's going to turn out to be Val.

Whoever it was we'll find out next week when the person's identity is unveiled.


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