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Betrayal -- The Karstens Up Close And Personal

Updated on October 14, 2013

Sara is a woman obsessed

I really enjoyed this episode of the show and I think it's because the focus was taken off the Jack and Sara relationship and put on the relationships going on in the Karsten family.

As the show opened, Sara was deep in her obsession for Jack. Even though she didn't show up to meet him she was having hot sex dreams about him. She was on the subway and he was on the same car. It wasn't long before they were indulging in public displays of affection. It didn't stop there. She thought she saw Jack from behind and chased after him. She even had a fantasy about letting some guy who reminded her of Jack stick his hand up her dress. She ultimately decided to go to Jack and given in to her desire for him.

Jack had Sara on his mind, too, but in a less obsessive way. He kept to his word about never contacting her again if she didn't show up at their rendezvous. For the most part he had more than his fair share of problems to keep him busy. He lost in court to Drew to try and get TJ released on jail. Elaine was appalled TJ would have to spend time in jail, but Thatcher refused to have TJ put into a mental institution instead.

Jack's assistant and tech expert warned Jack someone was hacking into the company computer and it could disable the company. Her warning proved true when all the power went off in the building. Jack didn't notice that his daughter Jules and his tech assistant were engaging in a flirtation pretty much under his nose.

There was also trouble with his son, Vic, who got in a fight when a class mate started making nasty remarks about the family. Jack lectured Vic about not fighting, however Grandpa Thatcher took Vic down to a boxing ring to learn to box. However, I don't think Thatcher counseled Vic to wait in the bushes for the kid who beat him up and hit him in the head with a bat.

Jack was also on the trail of the stolen money. He got a new suspect in Uncle Lou's partner, Frank Perkins. Only that wasn't his real name and Uncle Lou hadn't been his real partner. His real partner was Aunt Connie. Connie used Elaine's animosity against Thatcher to get her to help her escape her police guard. She even got her partner to put a bomb in her car so Elaine would think Thatcher tried to kill Connie. As Connie was at the airport ready to take off for destination unknown she explained all this to Jack on the phone.

When Jack told Elaine that Connie had played her she wasn't upset. She could understand Connie wanting to escape this family. She wanted her and Jack to do the same thing, but seemed to realize it was too late. Elaine had been appalled when she realized the extent Thatcher had his hooks into her husband.

The show seemed to set up how Elaine will react when she finds out about Jack's affair. Thatcher tried to make peace with Elaine and complained that she saw everything in black and white terms. Either someone was good or they were bad. So when she finds out she'll probably be done with Jack. There will be no forgiveness. He cheated and that will be the end of their marriage.

When Elaine talked about wanting to escape the family, Jack looked longingly at the picture he bought of Sara's. She seems to represent Jack's attempts to escape. So it may not be just the fact she can make his pants tent. She also gives him the illusion of escaping from the world he finds himself trapped in.

I guess the big question is not that Aunt Connie has gone on the lam, will that make Drew's case against TJ crumble at his feet? With Connie gone she can't testify in court that TJ came to see Lou right before he was found floating in the river.

As I said, I really enjoyed this episode. It's been my favorite in the series so far. I think it's because Jack and Sara were kind of in the background while Jack and the Karsten family were front and center. I wouldn't mind a series featuring just the Karsten family. There's some very interesting dynamics between them.

TJ made a remark about how Thatcher had gone away for awhile. I'm wondering if he got sent to prison. There's been undertones that Thatcher may have mob connections. Maybe that's when Elaine learned the truth about her father and turned on him. Unfortunately, it seems that Elaine's son Vic may be heading down the same path as his grandfather is going upside some kid's head with a bat is any indication.

It was this episode that made me realize how bland of characters Drew and Sara are in comparison to Jack and the Karstens. Even Aunt Connie turned out to be more interesting than them with the slick move she played on both the police and Jack and Thatcher.

Anyway it seems like the affair is back on. Sara talked to her boss about how she always likes to play it safe and how she's always afraid to experience life. Seems she's decided to take a risk and see where this thing between her and Jack is going.

If the previews for the next three episodes are any indication it's about to go to a very dark place. And I'll say this again, Jack is an idiot to be cheating on Karsten's daughter. Blood is thicker than water and if Thatcher finds out, does he really think he's just going to let Jack get away with it? He works for Thatcher and knows what he's capable of. It's just plain idiotic doing what Jack is dong.


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