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Better YouTube Videos For Amateurs

Updated on August 18, 2014

Welcome to "Better YouTube Videos for Amateurs"! Our intent is to provide Amateur YouTubers useful suggestions when producing a YouTube video.

We are not professionals, just "average Joe's" who use the Internet and YouTube videos as sources for information and entertainment.

Considering this, we solicit Readers to add to the "Suggested Tips" based on their personal experience in producing and viewing YouTube videos! Feel free to use the "Suggested Tips" section as an opportunity add suggestions and/or vote up or down a suggested tip.

"average Joe's"

Seven seconds is all you have to gain a viewer's attention. In that time span, you must offer something of value to viewers, else they will opt to "click-through" your video!

Next time you start surfing YouTube, try the "Seven Second" rule. See which videos get your attention making you want to watch the video. What did they do? What did they not do?

Five Suggested Tips

Preventing "Click-Throughs"

The following list below are five suggested tips for amateur YouTubers.

Each tip seeks to prevent "click-throughs" and uses the general rule of "Seven Seconds" to gain a viewer's attention.

1. Speak Clearly

Speak clearly so viewers understand what you are saying.

  • If no sound is available, add comments to your video.
  • If sound quality is poor, add comments to your video and mute the sound.

Viewers will "click-through" your video if they cannot understand what you are saying.

Some videos like ones that you see on "America's Funniest Home Video" may not require this.

However, at a minimum, a brief explanation in the video's summary and/or a good explanatory title is strongly suggested.

2. Short Introductions

Use short introductions as long introductions are the "kiss of death" for a video and the likelihood of "click-throughs" increases.

Also, don't spend too much time talking about your website or yourself (unless the video is about yourself).

Get to the point of the video. Use comments, the video summary, and title/credits slides to offer viewers more information.

"Cool"... what do you mean by that?

Think of someone you admire for their ability to communicate with an audience. Notice how natural the dialog flows as they present their information. They sound confident, and you are willing to listen to them.

Compare this to a dialog where the natural conversation flow is faked. As you listen, the less confident you are about the speaker's knowledge which in turn leads to a lack of interest in the subject, and finally a "click-through" results!

3. Don't Act "Cool"

Acting cool is a surefire way to a "click-through". Instead, talk to your audience as if you were holding a conversation with them. If your video's subject matter is interesting, there is no need to act "cool".

If your target audience has its own definition of "cool", then follow a normal conversation pattern that your target audience is accustomed. If you try to act, your audience will see this and will lose interest.

If your target audience ranges across multiple age, generation, cultural groups, etc., then you must modify your approach so all groups can understand you.

Background Music Tip.

Background music must be based on your targeted audience's expectations and should "fit" the content of you video.

Heavy metal music for a video about wood working and making cabinets might not meet your targeted audience's choice of music nor fit the content of the video.

4. Don't Use "Like", "Duh", and "Uhh"

When presenting yourself and your video, first impressions are critical to success (no "click-through").

YouTubers are given a clean slate when posting a video. But, once the video starts, every second is viewed under the critical eye of the audience.

The audience is a tough crowd and can be extremely critical. So, don't open yourself to criticism by giving the audience a first impression marred with overuse or incorrect use of the words "Like", "Duh", and "Uhh".

For example, your Doctor is going over the results of your annual physical with you.

The physical did not go well and you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and will need to take medication to keep it in check.

He states, "Uhh... your blood pressure is like... really high, you know. And duh, I'm gonna write a prescription, know what I mean, to like uhh, make it lower. Alright."

You have a hard time believing your Doctor and decide it's time to seek a second opinion from a Doctor who sounds like he knows what he is talking about.

5. Video Quality

The video quality of your video must be considered.

If the quality is poor and delays, static, and/or other visual detractors are in your video, viewers are likely to "click-through".

Before posting a video, take a step back and try to visualize your viewers and how they access the internet - laptops, iphones, slow-speed connections, etc....

Then, based on this, use a video quality that best supports the slowest speed connection and/or format that your viewers will use.

Note: It is understood that video quality may play less a role in preventing a "click-through" in cases where video footage captures a rare and/or unusual moments as well as late breaking news!

Why do you "click-through" a video?

See results

Go Pro Cameras

Many YouTubers use Go Pro Cameras to record action footage in HD quality.

Action shots from high altitudes, fast speeds, and underwater make for amazing videos to share with viewers.

While other cameras are available, the Go Pro Camera remains at the forefront in the current market.

Do give one a try, and be sure to leverage the outstanding video editing software the company offers from their website!

Suggested Videos

Here are a couple of videos that other "average Joe's" may find useful as they create amateur videos for YouTube.

Do check them out when you get a chance!

Video that provides tips for making videos.

Skip the comments concerning the expensive camera, and skip to 3:18.

Starting at that point, the tips are detailed for the viewer.

Good stuff!

Video that provides tips on producing videos.

Gives suggestions on how to make do with what you have as a camera, or possibly borrowing one for your use.

Also, provides ideas for video topics that may peak the interest of some viewers.

Do check it out!


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    • hbng84 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      One new item to add for those using a Go Pro. When editing your video with the software Go Pro provides take advantage of the "Pro Tune" enhancement function. It brings out the colors in your video!

    • hbng84 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Hope Readers who like to post videos on YouTube find this one useful!


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