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Betty White Is Definitely Going to Dog Heaven

Updated on April 1, 2014
Before I adopted Marcie she had been living in this condition at the shelter for over a year
Before I adopted Marcie she had been living in this condition at the shelter for over a year | Source

Rescuing My Dog Marcie

The rain poured down while I untangled the soaking wet Black Lab/Pit Bull mixed breed from her shackles. Twisted in the rusty chain for the thousandth time, she was down to her last three feet of free movement. Thankfully, the unlucky mutt had not done any damage to itself this time. “I can’t believe this is what passes as a Humane Society in West Virginia!” I thought, as I scratched the lonely canine behind her ears. I swallowed my outrage and try to remember that the other volunteers are doing the best they can with $650 a month – money they pulled together from their own pockets to care for the thirty homeless dogs. I would think, “If I only knew super animal activist Betty White, we could actually raise more than $8,000 a year to run this ‘shelter’.

These small groups of volunteers were hopelessly fighting a Sisyphean task; they were pushing the preverbal rock to the top of the hill, only to watch it roll back down again when a litter of heartworm-positive puppies were dumped on our doorstep the middle of the night. We were the only humane society in three counties but could not even come close to handling the need. Fortunately, there were a few private rescues around town that were doing their best running a one-man-show out of their own homes. The ‘shelter’ we made consisted of about thirty donated used dog houses, around five fenced runs and twenty-five dogs-on-tethers. I was so angry that these animals had to live like this – and all because proper funding was just impossible to obtain. I had to remind myself not to take it out on the other frustrated volunteers; I really should, instead, focus my rage at the irresponsible culture that created this problem.


Betty White Loves Homeless Pets

In my experiences, I have noticed a running theme in rural and low-income areas. Pet irresponsibility seems to have been passed down from generation to generation; it is a learned cultural behavior. I remember being appalled when a 10-year-old kid came to our shelter, wanting to adopt a golden retriever mix. He said he needed another dog because they lost their previous one when his daddy backed over it with the car. They had already lost three canines this year to car strikes alone.

My horrified response was, “Well, why don’t you guys build a fence? Don’t you love your dogs?”

The country boy said nonchalantly, “Daddy says it’s cheaper just to keep getting new dogs.”

Needless to say, that family did not leave with one of our dogs that day. I concluded if our shelter just had enough money to run this place properly, we could hire someone to inspect homes before placement. Again, I would think, “If only I knew Betty White, everything would be different for these poor dogs.”

I remember growing up watching Soap and Golden Girls and was thrilled to see Betty White’s career explode again within the last few years. Although that stuff was great, what makes her a container of pure awesomeness is her forty years of quiet dedication to helping homeless animals. She took it upon herself to donate her time, money and fame simply to help countless pets get a second chance. She consistently gave large amounts of her own money to help her cause, even when her career lulled and nobody was paying any attention. I am pretty sure heaven is run by dogs and cats, and by now she has earned herself a special spot at the foot of heaven’s bed.

They Need Your Help

I have done a good bit of rescue and humane society work and I know these folks need lots of help. It is thankless, stressful and every day you are making life and death decisions for poor homeless pets. Make sure you take a few minutes and donate a few bucks or some time to help. Pet rescuers are real hero’s in my book, so be sure thankful. Your kind words keep them up and running.

It’s amazing how far these shelters and rescues can stretch a buck. I see examples of this in Savannah with private organizations like The Milton Project, Feral Island Cat Project, Full Bowls, Solace Rescue, Save-a-Life or Coastal Pet Rescue. Almost all rescues completely survive off donations and fundraisers. I figure we could solve the overpopulation problems if we could only clone one thousand Betty Whites to help these underappreciated rescues all over the country.

Marcie sunbaths on the deck and enjoys her new home.
Marcie sunbaths on the deck and enjoys her new home. | Source


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Love animals. Love Betty White. Great hub.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      I do not have the space for a dog at the moment, but I do love them. White certainly does have a special place in her heart for these lovable pooches.

    • TarrinLupo profile image

      Tarrin Lupo 4 years ago from Peterborough NH

      You guys left the nicest notes, thank you so much, it made my day.

    • lisavanvorst profile image

      Lisa VanVorst 4 years ago from New Jersey

      Where I live they just built a brand new animal shelter. We have so many animal shelters and they do not euthanize the animals. Thank God. I love Betty White she has always been there for the animals. I wish I could donate like I used to when I worked, but now I am unemployed and cannot afford to. I always would donate to animal charities. I love pets of all types. I also feel that law enforcement is cracking down hard on animal cruelty cases. We as society must report anyone we suspect of animal abuse, neglect or cruelty. These God created animals cannot speak for themselves. Thank you for writing this hub.

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 4 years ago from Deep South, USA

      The second photo of Marcie says it all. Every animal in a shelter is worth caring for, and every volunteer deserves praise for helping care for them. So do those people who donate food and other necessities to shelters. Special kudos to loving humans who rescue these pets through adoption into their homes.

      I like your idea of heaven agree that Betty White should have a special place there!

      Voted Up++++


    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 4 years ago from America

      Marcie is such a pretty dog. We have rescued many dogs through our 51 years of marriage. Sheldon is our latest rescue.

      My husband was once on an Indian Reservation doing some work when a little dog came by and kept hanging out under his truck. It was cold outside he picked the dog up and put him in the truck and covered him in an old jacket. He knocked on doors ask around if he belonged to anyone. People all said he had been hanging around for days no one but work men giving him some of their lunch. They all said he looked starved. He decided to bring him home. He found a home for him right away. These people love that dog they even had DNA done.

      He’s happy now and warm no longer hungry. Voted up

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      Marcie is beautiful. She looks nothing like the sad, defeated dog in the lead photo. I'm glad you found one another and am grateful that you speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. I know precisely what you're talking about regarding the lack of genuine compassion that some people show towards their pets. Voted up and sharing.