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Beyonce Hair Colors Over the Years

Updated on July 8, 2013

Beyonce is a versatile artist in every way, including her looks. This hub features Beyonce hair colors over the years. Whether you are her fan or are just looking for some hair color inspiration, this hub will give you what you are looking for!

Medium Ash Brown Hair (below)

This color hair matches Beyonce's skin tones as well as her choice in makeup colors, especially her eyeshadow. Notice how this hair color gives her a soft look.

This is because this medium brown is a muted shade. This is a safe color to try if you have Beyonce's skin color or if you have brown eyes and eyebrows.

Long, Medium Ash Brown Hair on Beyonce
Long, Medium Ash Brown Hair on Beyonce | Source
Beyonce with Long, Black Curly Hair
Beyonce with Long, Black Curly Hair | Source

Black Hair (above)

Although Beyonce's natural hair color is dark, I don't believe she looks good with black hair. There is something about it that dulls her beauty somewhat. This might be why we hardly ever see Beyonce in black wigs or extensions.

Beyonce with Dishwater Blonde Hair
Beyonce with Dishwater Blonde Hair | Source

Dishwater Blonde Hair (above)

Although Beyonce looks better in other colors, she doesn't look half bad with this dishwater blonde color. Beyonce has a skin tone that has a good deal of versatility to it. She can go both warm -- and in this instance -- cool -- with her makeup and hair colors. Dishwater blonde is a cool tone, and B is able to wear it well.

Pale Blonde Hair on Beyonce
Pale Blonde Hair on Beyonce | Source

Pale Blonde Hair Color (above)

I like Beyonce in light hair colors, but this pale blonde shade just washes her skin out. It is possible that she could look a little better in it with some heavier makeup, like red lipstick and a lot of black eyeliner, but in this picture the color doesn't work for her.

Beyonce's Medium Honey Blonde Hair Color
Beyonce's Medium Honey Blonde Hair Color | Source

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Medium Honey Blonde (above)

Now this shade is really flattering on Beyonce. It warms her skin up and she doesn't have to wear a lot of makeup to make it all coordinate. This is similar to the shade Tina Turner's concert wigs were in. This is also one of the best overall hair colors for black women who want to go blonde.


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