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Beyonce and life after Destiny's Child

Updated on October 22, 2014
Beyonce Giselle Carter - Knowles
Beyonce Giselle Carter - Knowles
Beyonce and Destiny's Child
Beyonce and Destiny's Child

Destiny's Child and Beyonce

Beyonce was born in Houston, Texas and met her group mates at a talent competition when she was eight years old.

They were joined together with three other girls to form a group called "Tyme." A talent agent put them into a competition called "Star search" which was one of the biggest in the world. They were cut from the competition due to the fact that it was a rap song with no singing.

Beyonce's father decided to take the group and manage them. Kelly Rowland stayed with Beyonce due to family issue.

Mathew, Beyonce's father organised for the girls to learn to dance and sing at a boot camp and he also cut the group down to four members. They performed at local gigs during their school days and their costumes were made by Beyonce's mother, Tina.

Their group name was changed to Destiny and were signed with Elektra Records, who dropped them several months later.

Mathew was upset with this and decided to resign from his job as a salesman, dropping their family income in half, which caused friction between Beyonce's parents, leading them to separate.

Beyonce suffered from depression for two years whilst in the group.

The group name was changed to "Destiny's Child" and Columbia records signed them to the label. They had a hit song recorded for the movie "Men in Black" and finally received success. The group started in 1990 and ended with their final performance in 2006, including the release of their DVD "Destiny fulfilled."

Destiny's Child became the worlds best selling group of all time.

The girls wanted to pursue their careers as solo artists and went into different directions, remaining friends.

Dreamgirls - Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson
Dreamgirls - Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson

Beyonce "Sasha Fierce"

Beyonce got to co star in the movie "Pink Panther," and recorded the number one single for it, "Check it out."

She played the role of "Foxy Cleopatra" in the movie "Austin Powers" and recorded a song.

Alongside Cuba Gooding, Jr, she played the role od Lilly in "The Fighting Temptations."

After her performance in Pink Panther she was given a role in the movie "Dreamgirls,"a production based on the 1960s musical adaptation of the "Supremes."

Knowles one a golden globe for her performance in Dreamgirls and ventured on to doing other movies, Obsessed and Cadillac Records.

Her debut album "Dangerously in Love, " was released in 2003 and earned 5 Grammy awards.

Once Beyonce was done with the movie, she went into the studio to record her second album, called "bday" which featured her former group mates in the video.

Beyonce's career as a solo artist took off from there and with her third album called "I am Sasha Fierce" she introduced her alter - ego. Her album was inspired by her portrayal of Etta James in the movie "Cadillac records."

This album won 6 Grammy awards and song of the year.

In 2010, Beyonce took over management of her career and with her album "Beyonce" recorded in 2013, she was established as one of the most influential artists in the world.

Her relationship with her father became estranged due to his 18 month affair with an actress, who gave birth to his child in 2010. Her parents got divorced and Beyonce took over the management of her career.

Beyonce's first solo recording was on the album with Jay -Z called "Bonnie and Clyde" which went to number one and gave her major acclaim in the music industry.

Before she embarked on her world tour to promote her album, Beyonce put it on hold to collaborate with "Destiny's Child" on tour for their final album.

Beyonce also performed at the Super Bowl.

Knowles married Jay -Z in 2008 when she introduced her alter - ego " Sasha Fierce."

The salary from the movie "Cadillac Records" was donated by Knowles to Phoenix House (a rehabilitation centre for addicts.)

She was told to take a break from music in 2010 by her mother, who said that she needed to see the world and experience life again. This lasted for nine months.

Her alter - ego was the darker and crazier side of Beyonce which allowed her to be free on stage and in her music.

Beyonce was named the highest paid performer in the world and donated much of her earnings to charity.

She joined forces with Michelle Obama to campaign against obesity in children. Her song "Get bodied" was released for this purpose.

Beyonce announced that she was pregnant at the MTV Awards on stage in 2011 and in 2012, Blue Ivy Carter was born.

Five months after giving birth, Beyonce performed for four nights to celebrate a resorts opening and joined forces with other celebrities for the video "Demand a Plan" encouraging government to change their gun laws after the shootings at an elementary school.

Sasha Fierce is sexy, sassy and strong which Beyonce said was not her true character and she came up with the alter - ego to feel more secure on stage.

Sasha was no longer needed but Beyonce said that she would bring back the alter - ego for her live shows in 2012.

Sasha Fierce - Beyonce's seductive alter - ego
Sasha Fierce - Beyonce's seductive alter - ego

Beyonce, Jay -Z and kids

Beyonce married Jay - Z after collaborating with him on "Bonnie and Clyde."

They were a private couple until their baby Ivy was born.

The Carters have been married for five years and were the best of friends to begin with.

They spent a year speaking on the phone before they went on an actual date. The two were both on the top of the charts at the time that they met.

Beyonce came from a suburban life in a peaceful town whereas Jay - Z came from a hard childhood, being shot at in the projects in New York.

Beyonce said that there is a balance in their relationship with being independent and having someone special to love, that is the foundation to their relationship.

Knowles and Carter are still doing their music and performing, which they will continue to do. Jay - Z took a break as he said that it is a great challenge to outdo someone else but at the time there was nothing happening.

Their daughter Ivy is precious to them, naturally and baby number two is expected soon.

Beyonce and Jay - Z on stage together
Beyonce and Jay - Z on stage together
Jay - Z  and Beyonce Carter Knowles
Jay - Z and Beyonce Carter Knowles

Beyonce and Jay - Z perform at the Grammy's

Beyonce opened the show with her "Drunk in Love" sultry performance. Her hair short and outfit daringly bold, Knowles reminded everyone of how good an entertainer she really is.

Jay - Z joined her on stage and after the performance, they were shown in the audience with Beyonce looking a little tired. (Perhaps the pregnancy of baby number two) was a little draining.

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Beyonce and Obama

Beyonce performed at the inauguration of President Obama which led to rumours of an affair at a time where rumours spread that Jay - Z and Beyonce were in trouble.

Rumours of the President and his wife also surfaced to state that Michelle Obama was having an affair and that they were to get divorced.

A French photographer spread the rumour after being at a function where the two were intimately speaking.

Michelle Obama and Beyonce worked together to prevent obesity in America with a video release of Beyonce's song, to encourage children to be healthy.

She also performed at Michelle Obama's 50th birthday.

The President's officials denied the story of any affair as well as messages from Michelle tweeted to her husband on Valentines day.

Beyonce and President Obama
Beyonce and President Obama

Solange and Jay Z elevator assault

Beyonce's sister Solange attacks Jay Z in an elevator

Solange Knowles, the sibling of Beyonce attacked Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Gala after party.

The assault lasted for some time and according to a source, Solange had been unhappy with Rachel Ray who is the ex wife of Jay Z's former friend Damon Dash and she confronted her about her close friendship with her sister's husband.

Rachel had words with Solange at the Met Gala and Jay Z did not like it as he and Rachel are apparently very close friends.

Beyonce did not intervene and according to the family, they are all fine and continuing on after a public family argument.


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