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(IT COMES AT NO SURPRISE)Beyonce's Biggest Compettion Of All Times

Updated on May 21, 2012

It was at no surprise that Beyonce was the "superstar" in her group band Destiny's Child.Even if you wanted to like someone else out of the group as a favorite it was always Beyonce that always seemed to shine though. I mean she really has major talent; she can sing, dance. and still look gorgeous all at the sametime. (Now for most female artist that can be extrmely hard to do,im just saying).

Yes, Yes, Yes, all of this was true until a beautiful women from Barbados who has won numerous beauty pageants, and was signed to Def Jams when she was only 16......Yup you have guessed it, no other but Rihanna! Rihanna has came a long way, She has already had eleven number 1's hit singles (and this is just the begining for her take off)and At age 23 she has won 4 grammys. Rihanna has major talent also. (She can sing, dance, and still look outstanding).

Although Beyonce seems to be more private and distant she only allows the public to take pictures when she is touched up or perfect(or most cases when she is on vacation,). While Rihanna on the other side is totally the opposite. She takes the time out to actually speak to her fans and doesnt really seem to care if she has on make-up or not. Rihanna says and does whatever she wants without any hestation of what people may think of her. Yes she is a celebrity but she always make sure that her fans know that she is only human too. She doesn't just use her fans for publicity but she actually show them that she truly cares.

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