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The Beauty of Bhojpuri Folk Music

Updated on August 19, 2017

A celebration by Bhojpuri spoken people during Holy season of "Navratra" .

Prosperous Bhojpuri Folk Music

Bhojpuri is a language. It is spoken in eastern and northern part of India as well as some western part of Nepal traditionally. With the migration of Bhojpuri spoken people in other parts of India as well as other countries, the area of Bhojpuri language increased rapidly. Now it is prominently spoken in Mauritius, Surinam, and many other countries.

The culture of Bhojpuri spoken people is very prosperous esp. music. Hundreds of Bollywood songs are based on this music. The folk Bhojpuri music is sung throughout the year. For different season and different mood a different form of music is there. Viz. in rainy season “Kajari”, in summer “Chaita” is sung prominently. Many kajari tunes are also used by great musicians Like Ustad Bismillah Khan.

Several form of singing is associated with the name of Hindi calendar month Viz. in Chait month Chaita, in Falgun month Fagua is sung. Fagua is a form of singing as well as a festival of colours which is known as Holi in different part of India.

Some other form of Bhojpuri singing is associated with several events which take place in each household. Viz. songs for wedding ceremony-Sohar, swagat geet, Gari, songs on the birth of a child in family-Sohar, songs on starting of education {Upnayan sacrament}etc.

Bhojpuri folk music is largely connected with different religious events. In the month of Kartika {generally October} when Navratra starts an special form of folk songs is sung throughout the Navratra period, which is known as“Pacharaa” .Pacharaa is sung to invite Goddess of strength Mother Durga, kali and other local deities. In Pacharaas the beauty of nature is appreciated and invitation is send to Goddess to see natural beauty and bless their child.

Like this, there are many other form of folk songs are sung in in different areas by people of different caste. The most popular folk song are sung by people of "Dhobi" {washerman} community . This is known as "Dhobia" form of songs and dance.

Another important form of singing in "Nirgun". This form is based on philosophical thinking. The relation of body with soul is explained in multi dimensional ways. This form of singing express interrelation between spirituality and materiality and emphasizes on character improvement.

The modern Bhojpuri film and music industry is exploiting these folk songs and earning millions of dollars .But they are not trying to preserve the old and golden heritage of their forefathers.

A Bhojpuri Folk Song


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    • SANJAY LAKHANPAL profile image

      Sanjay Sharma 3 years ago from Mandi (HP) India

      Nice hub, but needs further elaboration. Add photos and videos.