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Big Bang Theory Vs. The IT Crowd: The Moss Vs. Sheldon Geek-off

Updated on November 24, 2016

Are you a nerd?

Do you love a nerd? Or do you just love, love, love watching comedies about the crazy mishaps of unbelievable nerds? Maybe all three – in which case, you've almost certainly already heard about and seen both Big Bang Theory and The IT Crowd. If you haven't, then what a treat you have in store – or to be more accurate, two amazing treats. One American nerd-centric sitcom, one British – and both awesome! Of course, you might prefer one over the other, and that's a debate for another day. But in the meantime let's celebrate the American version of funny nerd-life - BBT!

The Big Bang Theory TV Sit-Com

The Big Bang Theory is the American side of this ultimate show-down geek-off, and it shows in the style of the show. Smoothly and immaculately written, it's an ensemble show but focuses on the romantic exploits of physicist Leonard and his neighbour Penny. And yet, the star of the show is unarguably Leonard's room-mate Sheldon – a sub-Asperger's genius with about as much social awareness as a chocolate chip cookie.

The IT Crowd - Geeks, Computers and Noel Fielding

The It Crowd is a British sit-com, set in the basement of a huge corporation where the company's IT department is based. Roy and Moss are the two technicians in the department, along with Jen, their Social Relations Manager.Roy is an affable skirt-chasing Irishman as well as, of course, a geek. But it's Moss who's the star of the show. Moss, Moss, Moss! Played by Richard Ayoade, he's an Afro-rockin', socially oblivious, routine-driven obsessive compulsive walking Health & Safety hazard! The Show overall is more anarchic than BBT, serving the comic moment with ever more outrageous characters, setpieces and lines, rather than seeking to build relationship between characters and move the story forward.

BBT Babies!

Creative Commons licence
Creative Commons licence | Source

The Geek-off Begins!

So, the Geek-off begins: but who will win the golden pocket-protector? When all is said and done, who walks away as Master of Geeks? Will it be Sheldon? Or will it be Moss?

Who's The Most Socially Inept?

Boy, this is a hard one to judge! To anyone who's had any experience of living or working with individuals with Asperger's syndrome, both Sheldon and Moss might seem to be prime candidates for a diagnosis. Whether or not that's really the case, neither of these boys are, um, partyboys. Sheldon needs guidance on when those around him are being sarcastic, and when it's appropriate – or not – to discuss bowel 'regularity'. On the other hand, Moss advises a bereaved lady at a funeral to 'Move on' when he misunderstands advice on what to say...

The Winner

Come on. It's got to be Moss.

Who's the Cutest?

Ohh, this is tough! On the one hand, you have Sheldon's soft, human side. (And he does have one, however much like a robot he can seem at times.) When he's sick, he likes to have neighbour Penny sing 'Soft Kitty' to him – that's adorable right there! (Plus he calls his granny his 'Mee-Maw'!)

What's cute about Moss? Well, his crazy out-of-control Afro is pretty adorable. And he does call Roy a 'desk-rabbit'.

The Winner

I think Sheldon just edges Moss out on this one. Sorry, Mosster!

Who Will Get A Girlfriend First?

Now, we have a question that isn't hard to answer! No, Moss doesn't have a girlfriend, exactly (or not most of the time). But he is at least trying! Like every self-respecting geek, he's joined an online dating agency. He's out there swinging his bat, trying to hit a home run.

On the other hand, Sheldon... ah, Sheldon. Perhaps it illustrates the case best if I say that Sheldon's friends have openly speculated about the possibility of him being another species altogether, and if so, then what his method of reproduction might be... That's not to say that Sheldon has never had a girlfriend/stalker. He just didn't seek her out willingly (and I'm not sure he was aware she was his 'girlfriend'.)

The Winner

Hey, at least Moss is trying. It counts for something.

Who Is More Intellectually Brilliant?

Well, Moss is clearly something of a sharp cookie. He knows the inside of a computer inside out. And can build his own stress-testing machine too. His technical comprehension is clearly formidable, but we don't know much about his academic history or non-technical know-how.

Sheldon, on the other hand, is an open book. We know he went to college at eleven, got his PhD. mega-early and has a research position in his prestigious college. He built his own CAT scanner as a child (which is possibly more impressive than a stress-tester.) Not only that, but he has an intensive knowledge of comic-book literature and business processes. And, as a physicist, everything else under the sun.

The Winner

Got to give it to Sheldon, folks! I don't know if there's anything he doesn't know (except RadioHead), but it's probably not much!

The Overall Winner

It's a tie! I hereby pronounce Sheldon and Moss Co-Geeks Supreme Ruling Over All The Universe! Now let's all run out to the comic-book store!

It's All About The IT Crowd

Who's your favourite IT Crowd character?

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