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Big Beautiful Women Enjoy Clubs and Nightlife

Updated on February 7, 2011

     Make way for the Big Girls; that’s the thought that came to mind as I watched the ladies head to the dance floor once the DJ played Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s latest jam Video Phone.  The Big Girls are dressed to the nines, some even opted to wear outfits resembling those shown in late night hip hop videos.  Here in NYC the latest Big Beautiful Women party is in full swing and there is no need to be shy about your body size or shape.  Most of the people in attendance share a common theme of either being overweight or wanting to be with someone overweight.  They also share the desire to have a place to have a drink, socialize, hear good music , dance and feel good about their grown and sexy bodies.  The BBW club is the place where the magic happens.

     Big Girl Club’s, as they are commonly called are gaining popularity across the country.   These clubs offer individuals considered to be overweight an opportunity to socialize without the ever present scrutiny and sometimes blatantly rude and judgmental looks and comments from their slimmer counterparts.  When attending a party for BBW’s and the men that love them, you get a sense of camaraderie amongst the party goers.   Nichole Johnson of Brooklyn, NY loves the atmosphere at one of her favorite BBW nightspots, Club Remix on Saturday nights.  “I come here and mingle among men who love my plus size body just as much as I love theirs.  It makes meeting men easier because off the bat I know that they are into big girls and I have a greater chance meeting that someone special.”  Shantel Mantrice loves the fact that she can dance all night long and not have to wonder if everyone is staring disgustingly at her thick thighs when she wears one of her short mini-skirt.  “I party often and I attend a lot of excusive events around the city.  Most of the chicks at these events are pencil thin, wearing their designer clothes looking down on me because I’m in a size 14.  Although I am very confident in my body and who I am, it is quite refreshing to enjoy a night out and get more admiring looks then not.  Sometimes I want to grab those model chicks up and bring them with me to the big girl club and show them how we party.  P Diddy doesn’t have anything on the big girl club.”

Oh you didn’t know, yes men and women of normal weights are allowed at BBW parties; and boy do they come out and support.  “When I first heard my friend talking about the big girl club, I thought she was joking” said Lydia Jonas from Woodbridge, VA.  I laughed and her face showed me not only was she dead serious, she was offended at the laughter.”  Lydia could not figure out why a bunch of overweight women would alienate themselves from everyone else just to party. At least that was the initial impression she had of the BBW parties.  After hearing about what a good time here friend always had when she went to these parties, Lydia decided to go.  At first I was shocked that this type of club really existed. Next, I was shocked at what a good time I had.  There were a few curious glances made in my direction, I guess because I’m on the small size; but after that it was all good.  I go as often as I can.” Most BBW parties welcome anyone who wants to come out and have a good time.  The gatherings are a place to from men and women of larger sizes celebrate themselves, meet new friends, and maybe even make a love connection with someone that appreciates a little extra cushion on the significant other.

In the case of Dwayne McKnight, his first encounter with a BBW party was to keep those men trying to make love connections with his girlfriend at bay.  His girlfriend and her friends would frequent the club on their monthly girl’s night out.  They would always come home with stories about the many admirers his sweetie would get.  “I’m not saying she not all that because she is tight, but I wanted to see first hand what the deal was.  I had to check out the competition” Boy did he get a view.  Dwayne had his first BBW party experience at the club Peppers on 22nd avenues in New York City. When I walked in with her I noticed a bunch of brothers the size of offensive linemen giving my girl the eye, I’m like oh here we go.”  “You see I’m a tall slim dude, and I was trying to figure out how many I could handle if I had to defend my lady’s honor.” Dwayne says laughing.  As the night went on everything was cool.  “We got our dance on and had a couple of drinks.  I will admit though, I didn’t leave her side all that night.  I stay on my game with my lady at all times now; I realized I’m not the only one interested in lady with a little meat on her bones and the big girl club is definitely place to satisfy your interest.”

Big Beautiful Women and the men (and friends) who love them are doing big things for nightlife around the country.  After years of feeling left out of the mix, these parties are one step in the movement to show that BBW will be seen and heard and they will do it in style.   The days of staying in the house with the doors locked and the shades pulled down because of the extra weight are over.  When society would not make room for the big girls at their parties they started their own ad the trend is growing. The once secret societies of BBW parties are now very popular and an invite can easily be located on the many BBW message boards and forums on the World Wide Web.  Do yourself a favor and get in where you fit in!


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