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Big Boss 8 - Who Will Be The Winner?

Updated on October 27, 2014
Bigg Boss 8 Contestants - 2014
Bigg Boss 8 Contestants - 2014 | Source

Controversy is the second name for Bigg Boss

This September marked the beginning of the eighth season of Bigg Boss. Before the show even took off, it started making headlines with gossips of having controversial housemates like Shanti Dynamite and Salman Khan’s alleged girlfriend Lulia Vantur, none which though proved to be right.

Inspired by the look and feel of Big Brother’15, the Bigg Boss season 8 flagged off with stars or rather starlets like Minisha Lamba of Bachna Ae Haseeno fame, Arya Babbar, Raj Babbar’s son and a miserably flop hero. It seems as if taking unsuccessful film stars and an especially star child has become a trend for Bigg Boss. After Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli, Arya Babbar fits the role perfectly.

Among other contestants the one name you cannot miss out is of Gautam Gulati’s, who was quite unknown for his sidekick stints in serials, until now. He seems to be making the most out of every moment, by acting volatile, crazy and extremely attention seeking. Be it his 6 pack abs or insane behaviour, he makes most of the camera time devoted on him.

Karishma Tanna, who played a very forgettable role on Grand Masti seems to be the most prominent woman in the house, whether it is her 6 feet height or extreme behaviour while performing a task, is debatable. She seems to be easily influenced by her so called friends in the house and actually end up getting the brunt for situations that she is not the mastermind of.

Salman Khan (the host) teasing the flight BB 08
Salman Khan (the host) teasing the flight BB 08

Colors and Colors TV and Diandra

The most colorful part of the show surely is Diandra Soares' hair, which has changed more colors than all the participants put together. With a very adamant and negative attitude Soares has turned out to be an eye-sore. But what tops even Soares is maybe Puneet aka Duryadhona, who has turned out to be the biggest color changing chameleon in the show. It’s very difficult to understand whose side is he in because he seems to have a problem with everyone and everything, but he cannot stand up for any of that. The best and the funniest part was the clipping Salman Khan showed of him in Weekend ka Vaar, where he was complaining about Bigg Boss himself and how ration cannot be cut, as they are celebrities, etc. etc. but when confronted in the confession room he started to stutter and apologize. What a disgraceful desi Duryadhon!

The positive part of the house?

Praneet and Pritam, who are not only playing fair till now, but are also very funny and entertaining. But what will happen in the future? Only time can tell. It's not too far and unusual for contestants to flip out and come into their true colors.

Soni Singh and Upen Patel also seem to be strong contenders for this season. Upen seems to be silent and brooding, a lover boy without a ladylove, but he hasn’t yet shown any particular strategy. He seems to be going with the flow and keeping a good rapport with everyone. Soni also seems to be following his footsteps and doing the same thing. She has no major issues with anyone except for Gautam Gulati. Their characters haven’t showed any layers or depth till now. Upen seems to be favourite of all ladies and his female fans want to see him in action.

Fight in Bigg Boss 8

Invisible Contestants Not Coming Out of Their Hood

The contender who you can give a miss is Natasha Stankovic, she seems to have inherited the invisibility cloak and if you do not look carefully, you might not even notice she is there. No one has actually heard her speak or shout or scream very unlikely for a Bigg Boss contestant. Neither she has the charm of international players or the super cuteness of Elli Avram, she is flop even inside the Bigg Boss house. Possibly this is the reason for her getting voted out in the last episode of Weekend ka Vaar. It’s obvious that if you do not perform people ain’t interested to vote for you and is this continues, Upen and Arya would be following next.

Your Favorite Contestant?

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