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Big Brother 14: A Study Guide for Winning By Dan

Updated on August 30, 2012

Dan Saved Them Both... Probably

One Crazy Episode

First, Frank, in contention to win the Veto, pulls a BOOGIE, and gets himself disqualified from the game. I watch this with my wife and kids and we all were dumbstruck when we saw it happen. Then Jen pulls off the win while Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle did very little to win this competition. Dan was obviously not throwing this one and in the end, you can see why. Nobody else in his “Quack Pack” knew what they were looking at and Frank was obviously going to win this game (before his mishap). Britney and Danielle had only scored once and Shane admitted from the get go that he would be useless in this competition.

Dan takes a solitary confinement punishment which gives him the time to come up with his master plan. I think I’ve said this before – Dan is the most dangerous player in this game. Most people thought it was Boogie or Janelle. Boogie is a good schemer who got stabbed in the back by the baby in the house. Janelle is well known for winning competitions but doesn’t have a great social game. She was a strong player but too strong at times to gain people’s trust. Dan, on the other hand, has always been a great schemer and he proved it once again though he had a little help – it’s called the truth….

Dan came out of solitary, called everyone together and held his own Big Brother funeral. Then he seemingly broke all ties to Danielle in a brutal attack on her for essentially doing, um, nothing. THIS IS ALL PART OF THE PLAN!! It was awesome and unexpected. He then spoke privately with Frank to tell him the truth about the Quack Pack and Ian’s role as the mole while Dan took all the heat. In this he had the truth on his side. He really wasn’t the one pulling the strings, it was the mole giving them “information”, or at least, Ian’s version of information since he’s misrepresented the information he had several times.

Of course, Dan then makes a deal with Frank which nobody would have expected. Jen, who is now working with Frank needs to be told what to do and Danielle, poor cute Danielle, needs to be apologized to by Dan. This was absolutely the high point of the episode. When Dan explains to her what he did, she is at first angry – throwing a pillow at him, but then she gets it. She even has to explain to herself that he used her emotional breakdown to save them both. Since she was attacked by Dan, nobody will want to vote her out and Dan was able to convince Frank to get Jen to remove him from the block.

SHEER GENIUS!!! Though Danielle’s initial reaction was tough to watch, he used it so well.

Well Ian, who has the second Veto this week, declined to use it, and then Jen took Dan down off the block only to be replaced by Britney. Dan and Frank are correct in this. I’ve not been impressed with Britney’s game so far since her only move has been to ride Shane as long as possible, but she is the one holding her “alliance” together. Eliminate Britney – Shane and Ian will still be together but not as strong as if they had Britney between them. Danielle moves with Dan into their new alliance with Frank and Jen while Shane, Ian and Joe are left to figure out what just happened.

This was an episode that prospective players should study. If you want to win, you have to PLAY every angle and nobody seems to do this better than Dan.


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