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Big Brother 14 -- America! Oh, No You Didn't!

Updated on August 4, 2012

The Chen teases that America has made its choice, but would Big Brother lie about the results if America didn't vote the way it wanted it to vote? I guess that's an answer we'll never know.

The show picks up after Shane the Inane took Ashley off the block and replaced her with Frank. Boogie says he's going to have to get to work instead of relaxing and enjoying himself. Shane lies that Frank is safe. Frank believes the liar and tells Boogie he's safe. Brit comes up and puts all the blame on Ian and lies that Frank is safe. Frank and Boogie confront Ian who says he didn't say anything like what Brittany is claiming, but admits he's not comfortable promising something he might not deliver on.

Shane is sucking up to Frank telling him how great he is, while Ian is freaking out that Frank got nominated; fearing it could mean bad news for him. Meanwhile Britney is yapping about Janelle not having any emotions when Janelle says she doesn't cry.

Wil gets his nose out of joint when he feels Janelle is basically saying she's the only reason he's still in the house. He feels Janelle is condescending. Joe tries to calm his ruffled feathers because if Wil turns on Janelle it could be bad news for him. Especially when Wil says he thinks he could work with Frank. Joe goes and runs to Ashley to tell her that Wil has turned on Janelle and they go running to Janelle. They tell Janelle they think Wil has made a deal with Frank. She says she'll reel him back in.

If you thought Janelle was disgusting when she was trying to trade her wedding ring to keep her players in the house then maybe like me you also found if disgusting her putting on fake tears to try and manipulate Wil into being her mindless puppet. Kudos to Wil for not buying her act, but acting like he did.

Meanwhile Frank talks to Dan to make sure he's got Danielle's vote. Dan tells Danielle he'd rather work with Frank. Dan also warns she's letting her feelings for Shane get in the way of her game. Guess she's already forgotten how Shane was getting it on with JoJo after acting like he was interested in her. I officially dub her Dumbnell.

Shane tries to blame Britney for changing the noms. He also says he won't do any showmance.

Frank's father is wrestler Sid Vicious. They're not on the best of terms. Sid wanted Frank to do sports. Frank isn't aware Sid watching him at home and rooting for him and that he's proud of him.

The Chen tells the players that America got to vote on whether or not the coaches could come into the game, and she claims they voted for the coaches to come back in the game. I really find it hard to believe, as it's completely unfair to the other players. And I have to wonder if America didn't vote the way Big Brother wanted if they'd lie and claim they did. There's no way to check the actual numbers. It's also pretty obvious that Big Brother wanted the coaches to start playing the game.

The Chen has the coaches vote on whether they want to come into the game or not Boogie's the only one who votes against it. Boogie likes being a coach. He can sit back and relax and he only has to compete in the coach's comp once a week. And if he could have kept all his players in the game to the end and have one of them win he would have collected $100,000.

The Chen announces the game has been reset. The coaches are now players and they'll all compete for the HOH. They all have to stand on a plank on a mock ship, as it tilts and they get pelted with water. The last person left standing is the new HOH.


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