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Big Brother 14 -- August 1, 2012 POV Competition

Updated on August 2, 2012

We pick up to the house guests reacting to the HOH nominations.

Joe is pissed off that Shane basically said the only reason he got put up for eviction was because Janelle is his coach and he wants Janelle to know what it feels like to have her players on the block. It kind of points out the disadvantage these players are under because of this coach thing.

Ashley says she trusted Shane. Need I point out so did Danielle, until JoJo started rubbing up against him, at which point he picked JoJo over Danielle. You want to really trust Shane, you've got to go rub up against him.

Foogie is celebrating because Shane stuck to their deal. Pretty soon they won't be and thanks to a member of their own team.

Janelle says she has to get to work. She hustles up to see Britney. Britney says she had no idea Shane was going to do this. She bought the reasons Shane gave her for not nominating Frank and doesn't seem to suspect that Shane has a secret deal with Foogie. Janelle claims she isn't mad about this, but Brit isn't buying this. Janelle says she can help them and wants to work with them.

Janelle hustles her tail down to her team. They don't want to be butt-kissers, but Janelle convinces them it's what they must do. Shane has to believe they're not mad and won't come after him, next week. Joe goes up to see Shane and Britney and says he wants to work with Shane.

I'm no fan of Kentucky Joe, but Shane was so arrogant with him, I wanted to smack the smug little punk. Shane declares Joe should have realized he was a force to reckon with before he tried to vote him out of the house. Privately, Joe vows to win the Power Of Veto then he's coming after Shane to take him down.

Danielle, Frank and Wil will be playing along with Shane, Ashley and Joe. Jenn is picked as host. The backyard is turned into a giant circus tent. Contestants have to keep two balls going up two ramps that are facing each other and quite a ways apart. If their ball hits the ground, they're out of it. Shane, proving just how much is ego is out of control, claims his pride and integrity are one the line if he doesn't win. Unfortunately for all of us he wins, making his head grow ten sizes too big. Shane even tells Britney she's lucky she picked him.

Janelle says she needs to go to work on Shane and Brit, again. You know, I was kind of disgusted to the lengths she sunk to try and get them to believe her. She offered to give them her wedding ring for three weeks. There are some lines you don't cross and this is just a game. I wonder how her husband felt when he saw that.

Brit was kind of pissed that Janelle wouldn't even give them five minutes to enjoy their victory before she came into the room to work her spiel. Needless to say, Brit and Shane tell Janelle to keep her ring. Janelle thinks she's made progress with Brit and Shane. Janelle also think Boogie is off plotting somewhere when he's just sitting in the backyard doing nothing because he thinks he's got it made in a shade.

Janelle insists Joe go up and seal the deal with Britney and Shane. However, I doubt she had in mind what Joe actually does. He offers to sell out his team if Shane will keep him in the game.

While Dan is having his Sushi Party out in the backyard, inside Wil is throwing a birthday party for himself running around in speedos and a captain's hat. The Sushi Party comes to Wil's party when it sounds like they're having more fun at the birthday party. At one point they even play spin the bottle. Ian gets to kiss Ashley, but he admits she seemed a bit reluctant to kiss him. And Danielle and Shane share their first kiss.

The moment that The Chen claimed would turn this show on its ear happens when Brit goes to Ian to make sure Boogie and Frank don't plan to put up Shane. She doesn't like the Ian won't promise that they won't be putting up Shane. That sends her running up to Shane, who decides they need to backdoor Frank. So this won't blow-up on them, they're going to claim it's all Ian's fault they did it.

At the Power Of Veto Ceremony Shane takes Ashley off the block and has Frank replace him. Janelle nearly breaks her arm patting herself on the back thinking offering up her wedding gown is what caused this to happen, when it was really Ian she has to thank. She thinks she's pulling all the strings in the game. She also thought Boogie was off plotting something when he wasn't doing anything.

Shane brags he's going to lie to Frank that he isn't back dooring him when he does.

Boogie says he's annoyed.

You know it's not often a person has a perfect profession like Shane does. He's a flipper for a living and he's one in real life.

Tonight we'll see if America is voting the coaches in the game and who goes home, this week. Unless something major happens, it looks like it'll be Frank. Wil and Ashley will vote Frank. And Danielle will vote Frank. While Jenn and Ian will vote Joe.


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