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Big Brother 14 -- Boogie Turns The Tables On Janelle -- POV Comp and Meeting

Updated on August 9, 2012

Maybe Boogie's A Better Player Than We Think

I have to be honest, here. I have never liked Janelle. I loathed her and Howie when they went through the house terrorizing April, I think it was, and making threats against the dog she loved. So I never got why Janelle was so loved. Same goes for Jeff and Jordan, who I couldn't stand to the point I wouldn't watch The Amazing Race when they were on it. I keep hearing how good she is at the competitions, but you want to know what? Boogie's been better at them than she has been this season. She only won one out-right, while Boogie won the two previous ones. When Boogie tries he's good at the competitions. So watching Boogie pull off what he did when all the cards were stacked against him was a thing of beauty. If this actually succeeds maybe people will stop saying the only reason he won was because he was riding on Dr. Will's coattails.

The action picks up after the HOH nominations have taken place. Wil says that nasty southern girls don't go to heaven. Then he went up into Danielle's HOH room saying he doesn't blame her and starts crying with her. He claims no one likes him; she tells him everyone loves him. Whether or not Wil was faking it with Danielle, I can't be sure. That's the problem with Wil. You never are sure.

Frank hopes to win the POV then he's going after Dan and Danielle. He tells Boogie he doesn't know why they consider him such a threat. He's played in all the competitions and only won one. Frank says he's over everyone in the house, while Boogie wonders if he's the one they'll try to back-door, this week.

Janelle cackles that Boogie is so dumb. Then she decides she wants to unite all the coaches; Boogie included. When Dan approaches Boogie he's not receptive. He says everyone in this house looked him in the face and lied to him. Frank is the only one who didn't do that to him. So why should he trust the same people that lied to him? I think he's got a good point. That's why I think Danielle is such a moron. She's trusting people like Shane who were planning to send her out the door. What's to say they won't turn on you on a dime, again?

Ian thinks it's time to jump off Team Boogie since Frank's on the block. He goes up to the HOH to suggest an alliance with the two coaches [Dan and Britney] and their two dim-witted players [Shane and Danielle]. He agrees to turning on Boogie. He thinks they should call themselves The Quack Pack.

It's time for the POV competition and Boogie is hoping he'll get to play, because if he can win, he can insure both Frank and him are safe. Unfortunately, aside from Danielle, Frank and Wil, Shane, Ian and Jenn will be playing. Wow! The Queen Floater, herself, Jenn, will actually have to do something for a change.

The backyard is set up like a baseball field. If you win a prize the next person can either keep the prize they pick or take the prize from a previous player. At one point in the game Frank wins the veto and has it around his neck. Unfortunately, Li'l Ole Danielle manages to score higher and takes it from him and makes him take her prize of having to wear a leotard for 24 hours. The weirdest moment, one which Boogie commented on, is Ian had a chance to trade having to dress and act like a dog for 24 hours for Jenn's vacation and he didn't. He was too excited about getting to be a dog for 24 hours. I don't think that boy is quite right in the head.

Boogie finally decides to do some plotting of his own. He goes up to the HOH bedroom and suggests to Danielle that he and Frank, Dan and Danielle, and Britney and Shane team up to get rid of Janelle, because she's the real threat in this game. Then Boogies goes to Dan with the same proposal. Dan isn't too receptive to the idea because he doesn't want any coach to get the boot, since he figures that will keep him safe. They're not talking for long when Janelle and Britney come up to talk. In a rather stunning move, as Janelle is trying to get Boogie to unite with the coaches, he turns the tables on her. He suggests [since she said they're going to get rid of all the newbies] that she sacrifice one of her people instead of Frank. When he suggests Wil and then Joe Janelle doesn't know what to say, which sends off red flag warnings to Dan about Janelle's trustworthiness. Then Boogie goes in for the kill telling her he knows she's been going around the house bashing him and he won't work with her because he doesn't trust her. Boogie's loyalty to Frank even makes Britney think he could be more trustworthy than Janelle.

Earlier, Danielle was saying how she doesn't like or trust Janelle and Britney saw Frank and Janelle talking, so neither trust Janelle. So it doesn't take much for them to get on board with the plan to back-door Janelle.

Meanwhile, Ian is weirdly excited to get his dog suit and to be shown to the dog house he'll be staying in. Again, this boy is just strange.

Danielle holds the POV meeting and Janelle gets the shock of her life when Danielle takes Wil off the block and puts Janelle in his place. She was sure because she was tight with Britney she was safe. She says she'll have to get to work. While Frank and Boogie has a faux Chill Town moment.

If Janelle actually gets sent packing, Boogie will have pulled off the move of the game. Danielle thinks she's pulling off the move of the game, but she's only doing what her team agrees to. The idea originated from Boogie. He'll also have screwed Janelle over, again.

On an unrelated note, has the coach twist created a house full of floaters. Some are bigger floaters than others like Jenn who has to be the most worthless player in the game so far. Willie, for all his flaws, had the right of it when he suggested breaking ties with the coaches. Unfortunately, some of the players just aren't doing that even with last week's twist. Danielle is still letting Dan call all the shots and doing what he tells her to do. Shane is still attached to Britney by the hip. None of them really seem to be thinking for themselves in this game.


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