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Big Brother 14: Boogie and Ashley Burned By Ian

Updated on August 24, 2012

Ashley knew she was in trouble....

Ian Burns his Bridges

On a surprise double-eviction night we got what has been the best episode of this season so far. We watched Jenn explode for absolutely NO REASON which I thought was funny. She didn’t KNOW she was a pawn and that Mike Boogie was the target? She nearly made herself the target by simply talking too much. For a player who had done nothing up until this point, her proclamations of getting fired up and fighting were absolutely goofy. Funny to watch though.

When Boogie was evicted, the whole “Ian flipping” was revealed to Boogie during his interview with Julie Chen and he took it extremely well. I like that. This is a guy who has played this game a few times, knows what he’s doing, and got hoodwinked by the little boy in the house. That was great. Britney’s goodbye message to Boogie was priceless – throwing the diary room phone call back in his face. My only problem with Boogie’s eviction is that he won’t be in the jury. With Boogie gone, however, a great deal of entertainment leaves the show.

So onto the double eviction procedures – new HoH just happens to be, of all people, Ian. Ian took the unprecedented step of revealing his flipped status to Boogie while he was leaving the house. Boogie passed that information to Frank as he left. So Ian, knowing this, puts up Frank and Ashley as nominees. This seemed foolish from the beginning. Frank is in trouble, I think I would have left him alone, knowing a new HoH would be chosen within a day or so who could put him up if needed. Ian putting Ashley on the block only shows he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere with her and she was technically a floater.

The Veto competition went predictably to Frank which I was thrilled with. The man really does have nine lives. Not only that, I’m quite sure at some point in the show I heard Frank use the term “Suck it!” which is a wrestling reference to a popular team in WWE history called DX. I’m not sure if he meant it that way but I heard it, and my kids who are wrestling fans heard it too. Frank’s dad was a wrestler and was never in DX but I still think it was meant as a message. Frank took himself off the block and Ian replaced him with Joe who could not breathe or talk after the veto competition.

After a season’s worth of yelling in the diary room and all over the house, Joe, in a very smart and ingenious move, used very basic sign language to say he loved everyone and to toss Ashley out. It happened fast, it caught us by surprise, and was one of the best moments of the season. I’m not much of Joe fan but that was awesome and unforgettable. Needless to say, Ashley said next to nothing in her defense and was voted out of the house. She is the first person to go to the jury house – I hope she doesn’t accidentally burn it down.

We’ll see a new HoH on Sunday – I hope it’s Frank and that he makes some new alliances because he’s effectively playing alone now.

Please note though what I've said a few times already is very evident to some of the players. Shane knows he's got all of the blood on his hands and Britney has next to none. He has to know she's using him as a shield, and that Danielle is using Dan as a shield, just as Boogie said while he was talking throughout the week. Certain players have done nothing so far and don't seem capable of doing anything. Jen and Joe need to leave soon and Shane needs to flip on his alliance if he has any thoughts of winning this thing. As soon as they eliminate Frank (assuming that happens), Shane becomes the biggest target in this house, he needs to start planning ahead.

And whatever happened with the question marked cube anyway.....


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    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 5 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      Boogie was very entertaining, he always has been. You are right though, last nights episode was among the funniest we've seen in a long time.

    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 5 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Ya I thought last nights show was really funny. And true without Boogie I wonder if it will get a little bit boring..